What's Your Integration Wish?

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What's Your Integration Wish?

By Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief - 08/10/2010
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The cover story for this month's issue of Hospitality Technology reveals the results of our June 2010 reader survey. We asked you, as hotel and restaurant operators, to share your perspectives on the top technologies of 2010 and to reveal how recovered or still reeling your company is from the impact of the Great Recession. While the statistical results of those and several other survey questions are quite discussion-worthy (for example, CRM systems will get the most investment dollars in the coming 12 months), the one-on-one interviews we conducted for the article reveal yet another telling insight.
It seems that system integration has become a significant issue for restaurant executives, in particular at the point-of-sale. System integration has long been a hotbed of discussion, and at times contention, in the lodging space and now it seems restaurants, too, are voicing their concerns. When we asked several restaurant technology executives to share their POS must-haves, they all referenced the need for better integration of some sort, whether for tableside ordering and payment, kitchen systems, social media and others.
Their answers got me wondering about other areas of restaurant technology, POS or otherwise, that pose integration challenges in foodservice operations and create headaches for restaurant IT executives. So I ask you, officially, what is your integration wish? Share your answers online on the official LinkedIn group for Hospitality Technology. Contribute to the discussion, "What is Your Integration Wish?" I look forward to connecting with you there.
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