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Dickey's Barbecue Pit Incorporates "Hey Alexa" to Enable Key Business Functions

Dickey's locations nationwide adopt iOLAP's Enterprise Voice Platform to quickly and accurately find business metrics.

Lessons from Google: Cutting Through Big Data Misconceptions

Knowledge is power as the saying goes, and this is evident in research that reveals how much businesses are focusing on business intelligence and analytics.

Travelers generate a huge amount of information which operators can use to offer personalized experiences which translate to larger profits.

Restaurants have a wealth of data points that are readily accessible, but they must use the information wisely.

By combining video with restaurant analytics, the technology offers faster exception verification, improved loss prevention audits.

Data is at the root of improving operations, service and overall customer experience, but many restaurants wrestle with how effectively to use vast amounts of available data. In this exclusive roundtable, HT queries technology experts, Rob Graves, Vice President, Datatrend Technologies, Inc.

Embrace the power of data and analytics to gain insight into business to grow and be more innovative. Sponsored.

Partnership will provide hotels with a marketing automation and guest intelligence solution.

PVNG is a browser-based enterprise hospitality accounting solution with a simple menu structure and easy to navigate platform.

HTNG said it chartered two new workgroups: Business Analytics Transactional Extract Workgroup and Voice Interaction Framework Workgroup to solve emerging industry challenges.

Operators that offer dynamic, accurate wait times, mobile solutions and targeted, personalized promotions will be rewarded with loyal customers.

Expert analysis and machine learning enable improved menu optimization and greater cost and inventory control.

Subway will now augment its development strategy by adding data driven location intelligence with advanced geospatial technology and visualization.

SnapShot's Analytics aggregates pricing, benchmarking and PMS data, as well as TripAdvisor reviews, social media statistics, and Google Analytics in an easy-to-use dashboard.

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