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Customer Experience/Service

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Customer Experience/Service.

How One Casino Helps Guests Feel They're at the Game

The installation of a 110-foot wide video wall can display one game or can show 30 games simultaneously on 20-foot screens in 4K.

Platform will increase guest engagement, manage staff activity, and better connect hotel operations to the casino floor.

Plum's appliances have been installed in St. Regis suite rooms and uses cloud software to automatically track and bill guests.

Guests can cast streamed content from personal devices onto the guestroom television and interact with Alexa to control the television, thermostat, lights and drapes

Samsung and partners showcase ecosystem of mobile, display and data analysis solutions to enhance in-store customer experiences, improve associate efficiency

Restaurant Technology Network and Restaurant CIOs partner to offer first certification course, with free preview at MURTEC 2019.

Hyatt to test new translation feature to benefit the hospitality industry.

Online review platforms offer little actionable insight for the operator to improve their business; but real-time feedback for restaurants is arriving soon.

Alaskan brew pub began testing Waitbusters’ Digital Diner in December.

Working with manufacturers to customize furniture that offers the best tech solutions for guests will reap benefits for years to come.

After using ALICE for less than 8 months, the resort's TripAdvisor rating went up from #5 to #2.

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