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MGM Claims Data Stolen Is “Phonebook Data” but Lawsuit Claims Otherwise

MGM says leaked guest data can be found relatively easily via a Google search, but a recent lawsuit claims that passport numbers, military IDs and driver’s license numbers were also stolen and published online by cyber criminals.

How Self-Service Kiosks Can Help Hotels, Restaurants Better Serve the Disabled

Kiosks can offer a variety of enhanced service options for those with vision, hearing and other disabilities.

How New Hosting Regulations & Employee-Centric Tech Investments Can Lead to an Increase in Hotel Revenue

Hoteliers can cut down on time spent on backend operations and can use employee data to develop the most successful work environment.

KFC Canada is piloting pickup or delivery across Google Search, Maps and Assistant.

The edge is a restaurant’s platform to deliver faster digital innovation  

Last year app sales grew to be roughly 10% of total sales across the brand with digital sales increasing more than 40%.  

Annual Inspire conference welcomes hoteliers and showcases solutions for top challenges.

Daniel Blanchard brings more than 25 years of experience in technology leadership.

Optimizing Point of Sale to Improve Efficiency

In the restaurant industry, efficiency has always been a driving factor. Whether it be alacrity of turning tables or keeping lines at the counter or a drive-thru swift and short, productivity equals higher sales. Here HT discusses how mobility, online ordering and a competitive labor market should be key considerations when making POS investments.

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Desperately Seeking Standardization

Join Top Restaurant IT Talent

RTN workgroup members share vision and early successes of Restaurant Technology Network as they collaborate to fix industry problems.


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HT-NEXT 2019 took place April 8-11 in New Orleans. Here's a quick video montage of all the happenings from the event's successful third year!

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Mon, Mar 09 - Wed, Mar 11
Monday, March 09 - Wednesday, March 11
The Paris in Las Vegas, NV
MURTEC returns to Paris Las Vegas with a dynamic program and networking experience for the restaurant technology industry.

HT-NEXT 2020

Mon, Apr 27 - Thu, Apr 30
Monday, April 27 - Thursday, April 30
Be inspired by visionary trailblazers and gain laser-focus from industry leaders about what the future holds in the dynamic world of tech-enabled experiences. At HT-NEXT 2020, learn to Predict the Unexpected. 

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Why Your Monthly P&L is Useless

The P&L statement is critical to measuring restaurant profitability. However, most restaurant operators run a P&L once a period. By then, the data is old. Without reviewing your P&L statements daily or weekly, you’re missing the opportunity to understand day-to-day strengths and weaknesses, and losing out on the opportunity to make immediate, data-driven decisions. Here are benefits of reviewing your P&L on a regular basis.


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How The Chedi got patrons staying at its villas and yachts to order in-room dining.


When One Size Fits All, Doesn’t Fit

Summary: Streamlining the back-office with customizable, predictive solution yields actionable, real-time insights for Florida-based chain as it prepares for expansion

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