How Tech and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand: A Global Brand’s POV

When your actions affect 6,000 hotels worldwide, setting achievable goals that make a significant difference and then creating the tools necessary to get your franchisees there is priority No. 1.
Townsend Bailey, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Americas, IHG Hotels & Resorts at HT-NEXT 2022

How Tech and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand: An Independent Hotel’s POV

Creating a sustainable hotel simply requires some willpower, Bruce Becker, owner, Hotel Marcel recently told HT-NEXT attendees. It has little to do with financial investment and absolutely nothing to do with building new.
Bruce Becker, owner, Hotel Marcel at HT-NEXT 2022
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How Hotels Can Combat Rising Hospitality Fraud

Identity verification is a key factor in securing customer accounts.

Transform Payment Acceptance to Boost Your Bottom Line

Transforming how you accept payments can help strengthen your brand, drive revenue, enhance transaction security and attract new guests. To learn more about how other hospitality financial leaders are transforming payments, download the Hospitality Payments Transformation eBook.

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2023 Lodging Technology Study: Embracing Mobility & Self-Service

This year's study demonstrates renewed optimism around technology budgets, enthusiasm for research and development, increased concern over persistent labor challenges, and significant investments in the technology that guests demand.

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2023 Lodging Tech Study teaser

2022 MURTEC Content Hub

WATCH Key takeaways from Jon Taffer's keynote. Learn how restaurants are deploying drones, robots, and unique, cost-effective delivery models, thought leadership from industry leaders and much more!

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2022 Restaurant Technology Study: Making Magic Happen

Tech budgets are increasing, with integration, mobile transactions, and digital engagement leading the way.

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2022 Customer Engagement Technology Study: Embracing Digital Transformation

Hospitality guests crave convenience and value more than ever. That means an unprecedented demand for innovative tools that allow customers to drive their own travel, lodging, and dining experiences, including self-service, contactless transactions, messaging apps, food delivery, mobile ordering & payments, and more.

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2022 CETS STudy Teaser