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Hospitality: Shelter Your Business from Advanced Cyber Threats

The hospitality industry’s rapid push to digitalization means that it is still playing catch-up on the security front.

Diners produce a very large and very important amount of data that restaurants can use to their advantage, but operators need to be able to collect and analyze that data to benefit from it.

Guests using the restaurant's mobile app or website to place an order during a 28-hour period might have had their credit card information compromised.

Tens of thousands of restaurants will have access to voice skills and chatbots to streamline mobile orderse.

However, only 24% look up a new restaurant on social media before committing to eat there.

The Hotel ERP provider aims to enable restaurants to offer a great dining experience to their diners through FX Dine.

Grubhub to provide online ordering, delivery and corporate catering for BJ's 100 restaurant locations nationwide.

Papa John’s strengthens its national and global expansion by developing digital offerings to meet customers where they are while competing in an e-commerce world

New Platform allows small- and medium-sized businesses to make data-driven decisions to improve performance.

Global payment networks reported 55% of spend is on chip cards and 96% of top 200 merchants accept chip payments.

Hoteliers and restaurants share perspective on why and how EMV is finally gaining traction.

Servers can print receipts tableside and enable line-busting techniques.

The Atlanta-based private equity firm specializes in franchised and multi-location business investments.

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