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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Restaurants.

Online Ordering Service Removes Fees to Restaurants on Orders Under $10

Slice challenges all other online ordering services to create fairer fee structures for restaurants

Restaurant Next on Demand: Debating Delivery Models

Executives share caveats, best practices for in-house delivery in this Restaurant Next panel discussion. Now streaming on demand!  

Survey of nearly 1,000 consumers found that contactless experiences will become a deciding factor in who customers decide to do business with.

Ordermark also operates Nextbite, a pioneer in the virtual restaurant space.

COVID-19 is a wakeup call demonstrating how critical it is for the hospitality industry to use innovative technology to better streamline and manage their safety, incident management, analytics and claim reviews in a dedicated platform.

Dodger Stadium and Sporting Kansas City are among the venues adding this technology to improve the fan experience.

Leading casual dining brand brings on technology platform to streamline operations & guest experience.

On the heels of opening 3 locations in Chicago, 4 locations in NYC are opening in the coming weeks.

Former agency executive Greg Wold joins the Wisconsin-based pizza chain.

Dickey's CEO explains how this famed barbecue brand has leveraged analytics to identify friction points in the customer journey and then used its in-house tech team to quash those obstacles, reducing checkout times, increasing spend and improving customer – and franchisee -- satisfaction along the way.

COVID-19 accelerates restaurant industry innovation roadmaps in areas of convenience, digital experience and safety.

Shred-it's 2020 Data Protection Report reveals the emphasis on employee security training and policies has declined, despite continuous data breaches.

The new feature on the Chipotle app and gives guests a first-of-its-kind look into the brand's sourcing efforts and allows them to track how they can help Chipotle make an impact on the planet.

Digital sales account for half of the fast-casual brand’s sales, could top $2.5B by year’s end. Plus: delivery menu pricing testing.

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