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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Hotels.

How Chatbots Are Changing the Way Hotels Interact with Guests

Hotels would do well to consider a hybrid approach that allows chatbots to execute simple tasks while escalating more complicated requests to a live agent.

Grand Casino Selects Mobile Engagement Solution

Minnesota casino launched a JOINGO-powered app and mobile engagement platform.

LINK Hotel & Hub caters to tech savvy tourists and business professionals who want information and technology available at their fingertips.

Only 25% of hotel guests report any issue that impacts experience.

Maestro balances revenue management with high occupancy to drive success for multi-property company.

Stadiums have made large improvements in recent years in implementing new technology to improve the guest experience and hotel venues could greatly benefit by following suit.

From coordinating with third-party reservation services, to having quick-access to user profiles and aligning a guest’s social media channels with the devices in their room, hotel IT need clear network visibility between a bevy of stakeholders to deliver the experiences travelers value most.

Guests are especially impressed by the physical condition (5.9% increase) and cleanliness of rooms (3.8% increase), and with the timeliness in which their requests are being handled (2.2% increase). 

Insights based on Allora’s profiling of 56M unique guests and running more than 600K AI-based trials.

In his new role, Riko van Santen will oversee the company’s global IT, distribution, guest intelligence and digital technology operations.

Focused on supplying power with lower emissions, fuel cell research project is the latest in a series of major advances in corporation’s innovative “green cruising” strategy.

Weber will oversee the luxury hotel group’s revenue management and digital strategy.

CloudCherry is a Customer Experience Management (CEM) company that provides predictive analytics, rich customer journey mapping and sophisticated survey capabilities.

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