Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

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Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

KPRO by KFC caters to young, tech savvy consumers that are keen to embrace new tastes and tech innovations.

Instant wages access reduced absenteeism and theft while improving employee morale.

ShackBot will answer FAQs and help guests find their nearest Shake Shack.

McDonald's Celebrates with Global McDelivery Day featuring surprise moments for fans including access to the new McDelivery Collection via UberEATS

KFC released a limited edition smartphone that comes with a preinstalled mobile app that allows diners to play music over the restaurants speakers.

Subway will now augment its development strategy by adding data driven location intelligence with advanced geospatial technology and visualization.

Kitchen Armor Expo Screens are configured to support gestures and a 10-point, multi-touch, tablet-like experience compatible for use with latex or cloth gloves.

Operator releases Android app following the successful launch of its iOS app.

Miso Robotics built a robotic kitchen assistant to do the hot, greasy and repetitive work of a fry cook.

Technology will change the way restaurants are laid out and how customers interact with brands.

The new program offers a redesigned mobile app and delivery service from select locations.

Jack in the Box has teamed with Hughes to deploy a new network that will deliver improved performance and security for cloud applications designed to improve customer experience.

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