The Power of People

HT's Editor-in-Chief shares what this issue of the magazine has in store for readers.

Sure, we sometimes spend our days obsessing over data, integrations, algorithms, and new implementations. That’s the gig. But what’s the goal?

Our 2021 Customer Engagement Technology Study: Powering Hospitality’s Recovery is a timely reminder that our goal, always, is serving people. Take a deep dive into our research or simply surf our colorful, user-friendly charts, and you will see that while customers still have a healthy appetite for tech innovation, it is the satisfying results of that innovation — quality of food, quality of service, and, you guessed it, free Wi-Fi — that remain paramount to the hospitality guest experience.

Speaking of people, the rise of hyper-personalization in hospitality is, of course, a reflection of individual preferences and expectations. In this issue, we break down attribute-based selling (ABS) and some best practices for hotels seeking to deliver guest preferences efficiently.
We also take a look at contactless transactions one year after the big pandemic-induced pivot — we believe touchless ordering and payments are here to stay, and that they present tremendous opportunities for data and analytics, especially for “transactional” dining brands such as QSRs and fast casual.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in December at HT-NEXT 2021: Navigating Together, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here is a sneak peek at some of the lodging technology topics we will be presenting in partnership with our colleagues at HTNG and AHLA. Learn about the Restaurant Technology Network’s exciting new evergreen virtual Start-Up Alley initiative. And gain insights into the myth of the “toxic” female boss — and how to rethink this harmful stereotype.

As always, my digital door is open (rfirpo-cappiello @ and I look forward to hearing what you think!

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