Smart TVs & Digital Signage are Transforming Hotels
Wednesday, June 21st at 2pm ET
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Guests expect hotels to deliver entertainment and information at least as well as at home — and the good news is there are plenty of opportunities to monetize all those screens with offers, deals, and exclusives.

MURTEC Executive Summit

October 2-4, 2023
The Charleston Place Hotel, Charleston, S.C.

Hotel Technology Forum

Nov. 15-17, 2023
PGA National Resort
Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

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Inside the New Digital Kitchen
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Robots, IoT, the next generation of display boards, and other innovations are adding efficiency and ROI to restaurant kitchens — and even making the food taste better!


A New Approach to Customer Loyalty
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Hotels and restaurants are thinking beyond just “giving stuff away” — learn how reimagining loyalty can deliver personalization, unique experiences, and a deeper customer relationship.


2023 Restaurant Technology Study: Going All In
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  • Digital disruption is booming, including IoT, automation, and voice
  • Data & analytics are a strategic priority — and more effective than ever
  • IT budgets are growing, with mobile ordering and customer engagement leading the way


How SaaS is Powering Hospitality
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Streamline operations with cloud-based solutions that can handle everything from payments, authorizations, and check-in/out to agreements, contracts, and more.

Webinar: Self-Service Restaurant Solutions
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Empowering guests to drive their own experience and cadence is essential — especially for QSRs and fast casual. We’ll deliver the scoop on the latest kiosk, mobile, in-car, drive-thru, pickup, and delivery tech.


March 6-8, 2023
Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

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Post-show wrap-up and video content is coming soon.

Webinar: IoT to Optimize Restaurant Operations
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From food prep to kitchen display systems, inventory, maintenance, and more, Internet of Things (IoT) can streamline the restaurant ecosystem and deliver value to operators and guests.

2023 Lodging Technology Study: Embracing Mobility & Self-Service
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Our webinar will focus on highlights from HT’s latest research, including:

  • Hotel tech budgets are growing
  • Adoption of mobile check-in/out and other self-service options is booming
  • As technology becomes table stakes, definitions of ROI are evolving

Webinar: The New Connectivity: Wireless WAN, Edge, 5G, and Beyond
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Hotels and restaurants are processing more data at a faster pace than ever before — and the rules are changing. We’ll demonstrate how the “new connectivity” demands speed, accuracy, and security to deliver unprecedented efficiency.

Webinar: 2023 POS Software Trends Report: Leveraging Data & Analytics
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POS software is evolving to manage data, integrate across an array of channels, and deliver actionable analytics.
In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Restaurant POS purchasing plans for 2023
  • Business drivers impacting POS upgrades
  • The hottest features and functionalities
  • How POS data is being leveraged for analytics

Webinar: Why Touchless Technology Is The Next Step For Self-Serve Innovation
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Touchless technology is increasingly vital to customer experiences. An important next step in touchless technology is its application to self-service.

Our panel of industry experts and developers will offer insights into the deployment of touchless self-service kiosks that have the potential to remake food service and retail with advances such as hand-tracking camera tech, facial recognition, contactless sign in, cashless payments, and more!

Webinar: Mobility & Self-Service for Restaurants
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Guests increasingly demand service where, when, and how they prefer — and that’s potentially great for restaurants. We’ll explore how the desire for mobility and self-service can supercharge efficiency and profits.


Webinar: Restaurant Payment Trends 
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How can operators best meet customer demand for convenient payment methods and touchpoints? How can payment trends enhance CX, security, and ROI? We’ll share tips, trends, and a peek at what’s next.


Webinar: 2022 Customer Engagement Technology Study: Embracing Digital Transformation
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Hospitality guests crave convenience and value more than ever. That means an unprecedented demand for innovative tools that allow customers to drive their own travel, lodging, and dining experiences.

Learn more from our expert panel as they provide actionable insights inspired by our latest data!


Webinar: Elevate Your Strategic Planning — A New Recipe for QSR Success
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Learn how you can apply data science and machine learning to improve planning and adapt to an ever-evolving QSR landscape.

Webinar: A Tech-Optimized Workforce
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Hot topics that address how automation, AI/voice, robotics, and more can augment and optimize the workforce.

Webinar: Labor & Technology Management Strategies for Restaurants
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Join us as we share with the industry key findings across restaurant segments, prioritized and organized by operational categories and opportunities for improvement.

Webinar: Online Ordering & Off-Prem
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Actions & solutions to optimize off-prem sales: online ordering, drive-thru, delivery and curbside pickup.

Webinar: Where Contactless Transactions Are Headed
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From voice, mobile, interactive cars, and more, there are more “touchless touch points” than ever. HT Editor in Chief Robert Firpo-Cappiello will gather essential insights from top restaurant technologists, providing a do-this-not-that roadmap for the near term.


Webinar: Why Non-Discount Rewards are the Future of Restaurant Loyalty
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Traditional loyalty - relying exclusively on discounts, coupons, and freebies is a thing of the past. Not only are these types of rote rewards expensive but they risk devaluing your brand and attracting the wrong customers. The growth of online ordering channels brings restaurants more data than ever before. With the right loyalty program, this data can power personalized engagement to deliver relevant rewards to customers that go beyond generic discounts.

Join Zach Goldstein alongside leading restaurant operators to learn why the future of loyalty means non-discount, experiential, and exclusive rewards. This webinar will share how restaurants can offer these different types of rewards to drive customer lifetime value.

Webinar: Customer Record Data Standard Workgroup Official Launch
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RTN is proud to release a new, critical specification for the restaurant industry. Join us as we announce the Restaurant Customer Record Data Specification, created to alleviate complications related to:

  • Collecting fragmented, non-uniform customer profiles
  • Managing customer data via disparate systems
  • Maintaining integrity when collecting and handling customer data 
  • Owning the customer, cultivating loyal fans, understanding customer
  • behavior, sparking repeat business

This work is the result of many months of RTN members collaborating to standardize the structure and communication of customer profiles, enabling restaurants to create a competitive advantage with the customer data they own.

Webinar: 2022 Restaurant Technology Study: Making Magic Happen
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Tech budgets are increasing, with integration, mobile transactions, and digital engagement leading the way. HT surveyed restaurant operators who represent more than 50,000 locations across the U.S. to deliver data-driven insights on the state of our industry, including financial outlooks, strategies, and investments. Highlights include:

  • How challenges such as legacy and integration, labor, and lack of data analytics maturity are impacting the industry.
  • Plans to increase tech budgets
  • Adoption of tech that guests demand
  • Off-prem solutions
  • The state of emerging technologies, including in-car ordering

Webinar: COVID, YOLO, BOPIS … and the Restaurant Digital Experience
Now available on on-demand.

Whether it’s COVID, Curbside, the labor shortage, or the supply chain, the past 24 months have changed customer expectations, preferences, and habits. How are leading restaurant operators using technology to create the place-based digital experience customers crave? 

In this webinar, Checkers’ CIO Minh Le joins SageNet’s digital experience guru IV Dickson and SageNet’s restaurant technology expert Joel Fusco to take a look at the challenges of a post-pandemic restaurant, and how restaurant innovators are using the latest technologies to increase basket sizes, drive-up customer loyalty, and enhance the customer experience.


MURTEC 2022 logo red


March 7-9, 2022 | Las Vegas

Check out the MURTEC 2022 Content Hub for highlights from our educational sessions, thought leadership from the restaurant industry’s most innovative solution providers, and a Solution Center with links to event sponsors’ resources.

Webinar: 2022 Lodging Technology Study: Redefining the Guest Experience
January 26, 2022 at 2pm ET
Now available on on-demand.

Take a deep dive into HT's 2022 Lodging Technology Study. Learn how hotels are doing more with less, balancing shrinking budgets and enduring pain points with enthusiasm for innovative guest-facing technologies.

Webinar: 2022 POS Software Trends: Integration, Mobility & Analytics
December 2, 2021 at 2pm ET
Now available on on-demand.

Take a deep dive into HT's 2022 POS Software Trends Report. Register now for an exciting and informative dialogue uncovering how POS data is being leveraged to maximize staffing, inventory, and predictive analytics.

MURTEC Executive Summit

October 13-15, 2021 | Orlando, Florida

Check out the MURTEC Executive Summit Content Hub for highlights from our educational sessions, thought leadership from the restaurant industry’s most innovative solution providers, and a Solution Center with links to event sponsors’ resources.

Webinar: Customer Engagement Technology Study: Powering Hospitality's Recovery
September 23, 2021 at 11am ET
Now available on-demand.

Take a deep dive into HT's 2021 Customer Engagement Technology Study. Watch on demand for an exciting and informative dialogue as we reveal fresh, up-to-the-minute expectations and preferences around critical innovative technologies that are driving customer engagement, and most importantly, revenue!


Now available on demand.

Every year, the restaurant technology ecosystem unites at MURTEC. We started the conversation in 1995, and for 25 years we’ve empowered restaurants with access to innovative thinkers and disruptive technologies to drive their businesses forward. 


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Webinar:  RTN Menu Synchronization Standard
March 9, 2021 at 12pm ET
Now available on-demand.

Restaurant Technology Network's Restaurant Menu Synchronization Software Specification was created by a cross section of restaurant operators and technology solution providers, who defined the need for a single, comprehensive solution to deliver multiple, complex menu systems to various systems, partners, and distributors that consume this information. Used together, RTN’s Menu Synchronization Software Specification and companion documents enable restaurant operators and solution providers to integrate systems vital to any restaurant menu technology ecosystem. 


Webinar:  2021 Lodging Technology Study
February 18, 2021

Now available on-demand.

Join Hospitality Technology’s editor, Robert Firpo-Cappiello, and industry thought leaders as we share insights and action items from our 2021 Lodging Technology Study: Reimagining Hospitality


Webinar:  RTN's Open API Framework
February 22, 2021

Now available on-demand.

Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) debuts the industry's first and only Open API Framework, cemented in eight key principles. With strong out-of-the-gate adoption from the industry's most powerful restaurant brands and technology companies, RTN's Open API Framework provides a new playbook for successful integration, and compliance will become table stakes for any supplier looking to hold onto and grow market share in the restaurant space.


Webinar:  RTN's Fast-Match Tools
Now available on-demand.

Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) demos its Fast Match tools to help restaurants navigate the overwhelming number of vendor solutions providing contactless technologies. See the tools in action, and walk away with immediate access to both tools. 




HT-NEXT 2020 

Now available on demand! 

Check out the HT-NEXT 2020 Highlight Hub, where you can explore our virtual hotel conference. Here you can visit five virtual hotel environments — pre-stay, lobby, guest room, back of house/infrastructure, on property experiences/meetings — and watch audio tours, keynotes, interviews, and panel discussions and much, much more!

Save The Date: HT-NEXT 2021 is Dec 13-16, 2021


Restaurant Next 

Now streaming on demand

Restaurant Next 2020 is now available on demand! In the Restaurant Next Highlight Hub, explore the 2020 virtual restaurant conference. Visit all five virtual restaurant environments — Curbside & Delivery, Full Service, Kitchen Solutions, QSR & Drive-Thru, and Universal Solutions — and watch audio tours, keynotes, interviews, and panel discussions and much, much more!


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