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Reimagining Loyalty Programs for Restaurants 

Monday, July 29 at 2pm ET
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Discover innovative loyalty strategies that go beyond “free stuff” to truly enhance the customer relationship, drive retention, and power profitable growth.

MURTEC Executive Summit

October 21-23, 2024
Fairmont Grand Del Mar
San Diego, CA

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Hotel Technology Forum

Nov. 18-20, 2024
Terranea Resort
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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MURTEC Executive Summit Canada

June 20-21, 2024
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
Toronto, Canada

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March 10-12, 2025
Caesars Forum, Las Vegas

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On Demand Webinars

Hotel Management Tech: New Trends in PMS, RMS & CRM

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We’ll reveal how technology is streamlining hotel operations, delivering dynamic pricing and forecasting, and next-level guest personalization.

How Vending Tech Can Enhance Restaurant Revenue

View On-Demand

Our exploration of automated kiosks, self-service options, and smart vending solutions will demonstrate how this transformative trend is within reach — and in demand.

Hot Trends in Hotel Guestroom Tech

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This exploration of smart room technologies transforming the guest experience will touch on in-room entertainment like streaming services and virtual experiences, IoT devices, and connectivity enhancing convenience and loyalty.

2024 Restaurant Technology Study: Accelerating Intelligence

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Our survey of top restaurant tech leaders demonstrates that AI is streamlining analytics, personalization, and inventory; kitchen automation, IoT, and robotics are booming; and IT budgets continue to grow, including an increase in implementations of new solutions.

Highlights & Insights From MURTEC 2024!

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HT talks to attendees about hot tech showcased at MURTEC and insights into how these trends are reshaping the restaurant industry, plus coverage of RTN's Start-Up Alley!

High Return Hospitality: Operational Excellence Meets Emotional Connection

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The difference between “service” and “hospitality” is the difference between being “well-run” and being “well-loved.” Excellent service (‘well-run”) requires well-defined and adhered-to protocols. Hospitality (“well-loved’) adds empathy, personal connections and teams inspired to act outside of protocols when warranted. Attendees will discover the balance of operational efficiency and emotional connection necessary to yield High Return Hospitality.

Autonomous Delivery for Restaurants

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How can autonomous delivery provide a seamless customer experience and operational efficiencies? We’ll examine the types of tech being leveraged — including AI, sensors, and navigation — plus best practices, and case studies that demonstrate what really works.

Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

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We spotlight AI applications that are delivering results for retail, restaurants, hotels, and travel/tourism, including enhanced personalization, inventory management, kitchen automation, menu optimization, and more. 


The Best of HTF: Insights From Conference Attendees

View On-Demand

Ready for your 2024 hotel tech to-do list? We’re recapping highlights and insights from our annual conference, including:

  • Leadership essentials for driving growth
  • Real-life AI use cases
  • Putting data at the heart of the customer relationship
  • Loyalty solutions that really work
  • Inspiration from Visionary Award winners
  • The future of guest expectations — from our Gen Z panel


Hotel Networks & Security

View On-Demand

As technology such as smart TVs, smart rooms, AI-driven concierge services, chatbot, and more enhance the hotel guest experience, the need for a reliable and safe network is more critical than ever. We will explore new developments and solutions for hotels, seeking a solid foundation.


2024 Lodging Technology Study

View On-Demand

Watch to learn the findings of our annual lodging tech survey, including actionable insights on:

  • Hoteliers’ honest attitudes and expectations around guest- and -employee-facing technologies
  • IT budget outlooks and allocations in the coming year
  • Top tech initiatives and the business drivers inspiring them
  • Top tech challenges — and solutions! 
  • How to get real about tech ROI


Payment Trends

View On-Demand

Recent years have seen significant evolution in the forms of payment that hospitality brands must process. From card-on-file to digital wallets to crypto to palm and face pay and beyond, the big lesson is that guests want options. What’s next? 

We will explore best practices for being ready when the next payment trend hits.



2024 POS Software Trends Report: Next-Level Integration
View On-Demand

As POS software continues to evolve and adapt to new payment methods, fresh ordering channels, and the rise of real-time data and generative AI, HT surveyed top restaurant tech leaders to learn:

  • Restaurant POS purchasing plans for 2024
  • Business drivers impacting POS upgrades
  • The hottest features and functionalities
  • How POS data is being leveraged for analytics



Driving Restaurant Growth through Ops Excellence: New Research Findings and Emerging Trends
View On-Demand

Discover the pulse of the restaurant industry as we unveil new research about the challenges and costs that brands face in their pursuit of operational excellence and unit expansion.

Dig into the survey results and see how your stores stack up during this interactive session.


Labor Solutions for Productivity & Satisfaction
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Hiring, training, and retention of hospitality employees has become a major challenge. We will explore technology solutions that can help find the right workers, optimize the training process, and, most importantly, keep those workers supported and satisfied.



2023 Customer Engagement Tech Study: Rewriting the Rules
View On-Demand

Our survey of hospitality customers delivers critical insights to restaurant and hotel operators and suppliers about what today’s guests want. Our webinar roundtable will include fresh data and expert commentary touching on:

  • How customers discover and select restaurant and hotel brands
  • What guests truly expect from loyalty programs 
  • How the labor crisis has directly affected customers’ experiences and habits
  • New guest preferences around making payments, ordering food delivery, and using branded apps
  • What customers really think of automated solutions such as voice/AI, kiosks, and robotics


2023 Restaurant Technology Study: Going All In
View On-Demand

  • Digital disruption is booming, including IoT, automation, and voice
  • Data & analytics are a strategic priority — and more effective than ever
  • IT budgets are growing, with mobile ordering and customer engagement leading the way


2023 Lodging Technology Study: Embracing Mobility & Self-Service
View On-Demand

Our webinar will focus on highlights from HT’s latest research, including:

  • Hotel tech budgets are growing
  • Adoption of mobile check-in/out and other self-service options is booming
  • As technology becomes table stakes, definitions of ROI are evolving


2023 POS Software Trends Report: Leveraging Data & Analytics
View On-Demand

POS software is evolving to manage data, integrate across an array of channels, and deliver actionable analytics.
In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Restaurant POS purchasing plans for 2023
  • Business drivers impacting POS upgrades
  • The hottest features and functionalities
  • How POS data is being leveraged for analytics


Why Touchless Technology Is The Next Step For Self-Serve Innovation
View On-Demand

Touchless technology is increasingly vital to customer experiences. An important next step in touchless technology is its application to self-service.

Our panel of industry experts and developers will offer insights into the deployment of touchless self-service kiosks that have the potential to remake food service and retail with advances such as hand-tracking camera tech, facial recognition, contactless sign in, cashless payments, and more!

The Point Webinar Series


Register for upcoming episodes of The Point and watch previous episodes on demand here!

Previous topics include:

IoT to Optimize Restaurant Operations 
How SaaS is Powering Hospitality 
A New Approach to Customer Loyalty 
Inside the New Digital Kitchen 
Smart TVs & Digital Signage are Transforming Hotels 
Self-Service Restaurant Solutions

Restaurant Technology Network Updates

Restaurant Technology Capabilities Framework

Phase 1 of this framework was released in December 2022 and defines functional areas and capabilities for restaurant industry solutions, allowing stakeholders to speak a common language, identify relationships between systems and business processes, and accelerate enhanced restaurant business capabilities.

Watch a video here to learn more!

Stay tuned for Phase 2 which will launch in 2023 and explore all areas of restaurant enterprise architecture and overall operations.  Phase 2 may explore ways you can utilize the tool, identify use cases, map to vendor solutions, explore maturity Indexing, etc.

RTN's AI Share Group

This group hosts monthly collaborative conversations in this AI Share Group where restaurant technology stakeholders share ideas and  explore various AI / ML real-world applications. Learn what’s new and exciting when it comes to consumer and employee-facing AI, and how new technologies are creating unmatched operational efficiencies - in every facet of the industry. Watch this sizzle reel to get a glimpse into the types of conversations and topics we’ll explore or check out our most recent recaps below.

Q1 2023 Recap

Q2 2023 Recap

Q3 2023 Recap

Webinar: Labor & Technology Management Strategies for Restaurants
View On-Demand

Join us as we share with the industry key findings across restaurant segments, prioritized and organized by operational categories and opportunities for improvement.

Webinar: Customer Record Data Standard Workgroup Official Launch
Watch On-Demand

RTN is proud to release a new, critical specification for the restaurant industry. Join us as we announce the Restaurant Customer Record Data Specification, created to alleviate complications related to:

  • Collecting fragmented, non-uniform customer profiles
  • Managing customer data via disparate systems
  • Maintaining integrity when collecting and handling customer data 
  • Owning the customer, cultivating loyal fans, understanding customer
  • behavior, sparking repeat business

This work is the result of many months of RTN members collaborating to standardize the structure and communication of customer profiles, enabling restaurants to create a competitive advantage with the customer data they own.

Webinar:  RTN's Open API Framework
Learn more here.

Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) debuts the industry's first and only Open API Framework, cemented in eight key principles. With strong out-of-the-gate adoption from the industry's most powerful restaurant brands and technology companies, RTN's Open API Framework provides a new playbook for successful integration, and compliance will become table stakes for any supplier looking to hold onto and grow market share in the restaurant space.


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