2010's Top Headline Makers


After analyzing its data from the first few months of the year, Hospitality Technology offers this recap of the 15 most-read articles from htmagazine.com.

1. POS Software Trends 2010
In its most comprehensive point of sale software coverage of the year, Hospitality Technology presents the results of its reader survey on top POS technologies. Operators reveal the most interesting platform innovations to their companies this year, along with their 2010 purchasing plans. Meanwhile, POS vendors offer trend predictions and uncork their technology development plans for your POS software in the year ahead.

2. Five Guest Room Tech Trends

Find out which in-room technology trends will have the most impact on guest satisfaction and your bottom line. Next-gen game consoles, in-room concierge systems and high-def content are just some of the solutions that are expected to "wow" guests.

3. How iPizza is Done

Since its official release in July 2009, Pizza Hut's revolutionary and award-winning iPhone/iPod touch application has created an innovation 'explosion' in the mobile communication front. Pizza Hut's Baron Concors, CIO; Kevin Fish, project manager; and Carlos Chavez, director of eCommerce technology dish on the winning strategy that launched its first-to-market, million-dollar food ordering application.

4. From Outsourced Megabits to Internal Manpower

In an exclusive interview with HT, Chipotle Mexican Grill's director of IT, Frank Daidone, and executive director of IT & training, Joel Chrisman, share the story behind their company's migration from outsourced to in-house tech support, along with some of the significant wins that have resulted from its internal structure.

5. Automation vs. Human Interaction: Are We Alienating Our Customers with IT?

Technology has changed many of the industry standards over the last 10 years, and today there is a growing opportunity to replace human interactions with computerized-meditated exchanges. But is this trend eliminating the opportunity to provide personal customer service?

6. Industry Q&A: Hilton Exec Retells Journey to Int'l Procurement Savings

Prior to its acquisition by Hilton Hotels Corp., Hilton International relied on a regional procurement strategy that had the potential to amount to $750 million in expenditures per annum. Steven M. Henderson, senior director, international field operations for Hilton supply management describes how a global-focused procurement structure is helping the hotel company to get a better handle on its spending practices.

7. Next-Gen Kitchen Technology

From the POS to kitchen video displays and more, restaurants in fine dining, QSR and family segments are getting an assist to improve order delivery, de-stress backline workers, and improve guest satisfaction. A cross-section of operators dishes on their top kitchen technologies.

8. Top Strategies that Promise to Reduce Employee POS Training

Any operator will agree that it is critical for employees to be properly trained on the POS during their initial training period, and throughout the duration of their employment. Mama Fu's reveals how a strategic POS training strategy can reduce employee instruction and get them focused on what matters most: your customers.

9. Hotels: Stop Using '09 Room Pricing in Post-Recession Economy

To be sure, 2010 will not be an easy year for hotels. In this particularly lean time, automated revenue management systems may be precisely the adaptation the hotel industry is searching for in the post-recession landscape.

10. Adopting POS SaaS Modules: What You Need to Know

With more businesses choosing to run POS modules on the cloud, operators face a wide variety of factors when making their provider selection. Learn why security, longevity, adaptability and more should play into the decision making process.

11. POS Printer Checklist: What to Know Before You Buy

When shopping for point of sale printers, operators need to consider several very important criteria that will greatly impact restaurant operations upon installation. Learn why printer speed, marketing functions and more should be at the top of your POS printer purchasing checklist.

12. Avoid 2009's Hospitality Hacker Blitz: 15 Need-to-know Methods of Attack

According to the 2010 Global Security Report, hospitality breaches accounted for a whopping 38% of all braches investigated by Trustwave SpiderLabs last year. Go inside the anatomy of a data breach, plus discover some of the top solutions that can help aid in the battle for PCI compliance.

13. PMS Peer Review

One of the best resources to learn about the benefits of a specific property management systems is to ask current users. In this informal PMS peer review, hotel operators reveal which property management system they are using and why.

14. Growth & Innovation in the Cloud: La Quinta's Centralization Roadmap

Over the past few years, La Quinta Inns & Suites has gone through a significant transition, modernizing its technology footprint using cloud computing and strategic partnerships with several best-of-breed IT services providers. Vivek Shaiva, CIO for La Quinta, shares the story behind his company's strategy for centralizing its IT systems, as well as some of their significant results.

15. Social Networking with ROI
The convergence of social networking initiatives and loyalty programs at the point of sale can both generate sales and reinforce brand allegiance. Tasi D-Lite's director of information and social technologies, B.J. Emerson, weighs in on its value.

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