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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Security -- Network.

Private Broadband: The Foundation for Improving Guest Safety, Experience Both During and After Pandemic

Private broadband networks offer hoteliers the reliable foundation they need for critical communications, video security and analytics that will support their businesses through the pandemic and beyond.

New report underscores the importance of layered security as zero day malware variants, JavaScript malware attacks and Microsoft Excel-based threats rise and posing a significant risk to hotels.

Experts discuss the rise of ransomware attacks and what steps companies can take to protect themselves.

Account takeover is one of the most common methods for criminals to gain access to sensitive personal and corporate information. Criminals are perpetrating credential stuffing attacks on food delivery apps and more.

HT investigates why MGM didn’t disclose how large data breach was initially and what hospitality businesses can do to try and prevent their organization from becoming a victim.

Hotels could unintentionally create additional privacy and compliance issues for themselves by storing sensitive data or broadcasting information that is protected by privacy and HIPAA compliance.

Email delivery service providers Mailgun and Sendgrid are the subjects of the attack.

Q1 2020 Internet Security Report highlights the danger of encrypted malware, offers details about the security impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a surge in Monero cryptominers, Flawed-Ammyy and Cryxos malware, and more.

Hospitality faces challenges meeting the July 2020 CCPA compliance deadline. But they can develop a cost-effective, adaptable strategy.

Work-from-home mandates are forcing IT departments to re-evaluate the way employee devices are set up.

The hospitality industry already has a reputation for being a less-than secure industry; distracted and worried employees working from home will likely only make things worse.

Employee login credentials were compromised and used to access an "unexpected amount of guest information."

QDOBA’s Transformation Anchored in Stable Network

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