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SmartOrder Launches App that Customizes Ordering Experience

SmartOrder has released a new smartphone App which allows customers to order menu items or services and have them delivered. SmartOrder can be used in restaurants, hotels and bars and requires no interference with the workflow of the respective business. The app is freely available for mobile download to iPhones, iPad, iPods and Android devices.
When opening the app the customer scans a QR code on the business’ location, which can be a table or in a hotel room, at which point the customer is presented with the available menu items or services for that location. The customer then chooses the items he/she would like to have delivered. All this is done in a very easy to use interface. 
The app uses the phone language settings to show the local language in the app, handy if you are a tourist.
After the customer places the order it is sent to an order processing tablet app so that the restaurant, bar or hotel can prepare the order and bring it to the customer. Social media plays a big part in the app, as the customer can send a message to their Facebook account notifying their friends of what they ordered and where they are, allowing advertising to the business that normally would not be possible (the sending of the Facebook message is optional by the customer).
The order processing app is used by the business to see what orders the customer has placed. The orders appear with a number which reflect the number of the location from where the order was placed. A yellow battery meter shows the time that has passed since the order came in. Once the order is ready it can be sent to the customer, and the customer receives a custom message on their smartphone notifying that the order is on its way or is ready to be collected.
The app is especially handy when it gets busy as it allows the staff to focus more on servicing the customers instead of taking the orders manually. Because the customer does not need to wait for the staff to be able to place an order it is easier to order more often so that it not only increases revenue but it also increases more contact moments with the customer by bringing more items to them.
The menu items configured in the customer app can be changed by the business by a simple interface that is provided via a web browser. This allows a business to customize easily and fast whatever items they wish to have displayed on the mobile apps at any particular time for their business.

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