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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Golf.

6 Ways to Avoid a Project Failure

From poor methodology to gaps between software and business requirements, many of the reasons for project failures are the same today as they were 10 years ago.

Turning Social Networks into Distribution Channels

Travelers are increasingly willing to utilize Facebook and other social networking sites to plan and purchase hotel stays.

Hoteliers must constantly evaluate how guest's in-room expectations are being met. As smartphone and tablet technologies continue to expand into in-room controls, hotel IT executives should be asking themselves these four burning questions.

The days of ignoring guest reviews are over; here are the Guest Intelligence basics for today's intelligent hotels.

Online review websites are rich sources of information for hotel owners and managers. Mining these sites for clues to customer experiences can provide a wealth of insights into a property's success and areas that need improvement.

Across the hospitality industry, operators must find ways to address loyalty as the ever-evolving entity it is in order to keep programs relevant.

What impact will the Internet of Things (IoT) have on restaurants and hotels? Find out in this exclusive report, which explores how connected devices will drive service, operations, efficiency and investments.

This annual report tracks the use and effectiveness of mobile, location-based, and social technologies in hotels and restaurants. What mobile engagement solutions are your competitors rolling out in 2016? What are the top five potential uses for location-based solutions?

The hotel industry must recognize the importance of the aesthetics and usability of online distribution channels in order to capture web bookings and increase brand loyalty.

Hotels are finding new and innovative ways to prevent loss: from RFID tagging to inventory management; from room locking technology to surveillance solutions, hotels tap tech to protect not only their assets, but also their guests. 

While much is made of payment security, foodservice and lodging companies also face added pressure to ensure that guests’ personal data is safe.

As smartphones and tablets become more ubiquitous, the likelihood of guests not having one of these devices is slim. Hotel operators must consider options to cater to a generation of guests that are accustomed to using mobile devices to do everything, including any and all guestroom functions.

The hospitality industry as a whole should embrace the benefits of cloud technologies as services ranging from human resources to business intelligence all have cloud-based options.

It its first-ever salary survey, HT polled a sample of 275 executives from across the hotel and restaurant industries, representing a variety of sub-segments, departments, and titles, to find out how much they're earning, plus insight into the education level, length of work-week, and benefits packa

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