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KioskCom & Digital Signage Show to Become Customer Engagement Technology World

For more than a decade, JD Events, the organization behind KioskCom Self Service Expo and The Digital Signage Show, has dedicated itself to exploring the key role that digital media plays in the world, from kiosks to digital signs, and mobile applications to new platforms on the horizon. Today, JD Events announces that KioskCom and The Digital Signage Show will converge to become Customer Engagement Technology World. Beginning in November 2010 in New York, the event will focus on the expanding role of customer engagement in business success and improved ROI, addressing topics that are more reflective of what the industry has become and where it is going.
Customer Engagement Technology World will fuse the best resources and education tools KioskCom and The Digital Signage Show have to offer with new, innovative features that will continue to explore the strategies and content solutions that create successful customer engagement. Developed using the concerns, questions and feedback from industry professionals, board members, vendors and attendees, Customer Engagement Technology World is a name which best represents the discussion topics, solutions and business interactions that KioskCom and The Digital Signage Show participants have come to expect.
"For more than 14 years, we have educated individuals and organizations, stressing that kiosks, digital signage, mobile, and future applications will only find long-term success by delivering meaningful engagement to customers, creating stronger ROI," says Lawrence Dvorchik, general manager for KioskCom Self Service Expo and The Digital Signage Show. "We strive to step outside the tradeshow norms and bring a new approach and new life to the table. Customer Engagement Technology World exemplifies everything we have been and continue to be -- a strategic leader, providing content and resources so our customers can move with the industry, not after it."

A change of scenery
To further reinforce JD Events' commitment to attracting the largest possible concentration of qualified attendees, there will be a venue change for the 2011 spring show.Historically, the spring KioskCom and The Digital Signage Show events have been in Las Vegas. Customer Engagement Technology World now will be held in San Francisco, at the Moscone Convention Center, April 27-28, 2011.
When KioskCom / The Digital Signage Show moved its fall event to New York three years ago, the event attracted an unprecedented number of qualified attendees, and JD Events expects the same result in San Francisco. According to leading online business database,, California has the largest number of advertising agencies in the country, and is in the top three for Fortune 500 company headquarters. The show will now provide an easy commute for thousands of qualified attendees, and will be in San Francisco, a highly desirable travel destination, for those traveling from other parts of the country.
From the interactive benefits of self-service technology in retail and travel markets and the unique customer connection found through mobile and digital signage deployments, to seeing the latest tools and technologies showcased on the exhibit floor, Customer Engagement Technology World will serve as an advocate for its digital media audiences, helping ensure deployments not only engage visually, but meaningfully with relevant, contextual content.
Customer Engagement Technology World will bring together the best and brightest in digital media. Additional details on the event, its mission, inspiration and offerings will be presented at the upcoming KioskCom / The Digital Signage Show event in Las Vegas, from April 14-15.
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