• Burger King Manages with MegaPath

    Burger King Corporation has selected MegaPath's broadband managed services to power the eatery's Connect Your W@y initiative.
  • Locking Good

    Smart security meets sleek design in the latest locking systems
  • New Edge

    Hotels upgrade property management systems to stay ahead of competition
  • Optimizing Revenue

    Applied correctly revenue management helps hotels expand market size and increase yield
  • Integrating Next Generation Technologies

    Hotel Technology Forum panel discusses emerging integration challenges
  • The Contenders

    In the world of hotel management the words property-management system (PMS) have taken on a whole new meaning in the last decade. There was a time when the functionality of the PMS was limited and its greatest value was in how it managed a property. Now, many times the greatest value in a PMS is how it does everything else.
  • Commodity Markets

    The value of high-speed Internet access depends on the hotel location.
  • Cutting the Cord

    Restaurants take advantage of new peripheral technology
  • The Enabler

    Property management evolves from a basic platform, to a sophisticated tool
  • Business Intelligence: How Information Integration Can Boost Hospitality Growth

    In an industry as diverse as hospitality, however, the challenge is less about defining BI than about determining what information is most vital to running the business.
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