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Check-in/out (hotel)

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Check-in/out (hotel).

Partnership between brands will allow hotels to expedite mobile the check-in processes.

Integration between Infor HMS and OpenKey to speed guest check-in.

Joint effort delivers faster and more efficient hotel guest check-in times.

From micro-integration of software solutions to enhanced staff security via beacon geo-locators, these three trends are made possible by cloud-based technology.

Travelers seek digital check-in the most; keyless entry via smartphone raises the most security concerns.

Integration of Infor HMS and SunSystems with AHG cut guest check-in and –out times from 10 minutes to less than two minutes.

Infor's product will be used to support guest needs and ensure guest preferences are set.

When guests arrive at the hotel, they scan their photo ID at a kiosk which verifies the ID against the Public Security System, performs a credit authorization and produces a room card – within 30 seconds.

The traditional hotel check-in process takes three minutes; with facial recognition technology, it takes less than one minute.

Workgroup to publish guidance that will enable a more consistent arrival and check-in experience around the globe.

From pre- to post-stay, how hotels can benefit from enabling seamless experiences. Sponsored.

How mobility, data and connectivity will ultra-personalize the next-gen hotel experience.

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