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Check-in/out (hotel)

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Check-in/out (hotel).

When guests arrive at the hotel, they scan their photo ID at a kiosk which verifies the ID against the Public Security System, performs a credit authorization and produces a room card – within 30 seconds.

The traditional hotel check-in process takes three minutes; with facial recognition technology, it takes less than one minute.

Workgroup to publish guidance that will enable a more consistent arrival and check-in experience around the globe.

Additional features include mobile housekeeping, online booking and additional payment integrations.

Guests can now control their entire travel experience from the palm of their hand through a virtual concierge, mobile ordering and an app.

Eliminating the front desk and enabling managers to work remotely improves performance and guest & employee satisfaction

From pre- to post-stay, how hotels can benefit from enabling seamless experiences. Sponsored.

How mobility, data and connectivity will ultra-personalize the next-gen hotel experience.

New PMS allows Airlie Center to offer guests flexible mobile check-in, go green with a paperless system and engage with guests.

Mobile apps for service delivery, check-in/out and room keys, plus in-room solutions that engage guests via tablets, mobile devices and AI voice commands, will be on display in Booth #166.

Self check-in technology allows guests to verify their identity by comparing one's face with an ID photograph.

Platform gives travelers streamlined check-in and check-out processes, local destination information, connection to BWR loyalty program and more.

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