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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Front Desk.

ShopPoP is a guest facing self-pay technology for grab-and-go markets.

Solution allows hotel to eliminate front desk so management team can operate hotel from anywhere, at anytime.

Prior to implementing ALICE technology, the hotel was noting all guest requests and work orders on a 4-copy carbon copy notepad.

The hotel implemented ALICE Concierge to streamline task management and improve staff communication.

What impact will the Internet of Things (IoT) have on restaurants and hotels? Find out in this exclusive report, which explores how connected devices will drive service, operations, efficiency and investments.

Glenn Withiam, director of publications, Cornell Center for Hospitality Research, offers insights from a new study that details the importance of combining the latest technological capabilities with personalized service to foster true customer satisfaction.

Hilton is using interactive touch-screen televisions to give guests access to information at any time that ordinarily might require interaction with a conference manager or concierge.

How do hotel guests react to the presence of self-service kiosks, and are they as quick as many claim them to be? Cornell University analyzes guest satisfaction results and the financial implications from 163 hotels that installed kiosks in their lobbies.

Faced with outdated concierge and front desk practices that relied heavily on manual clerical tasks, the Peninsula Beverly Hills went in search of a solution that would allow staff to focus more of its time on guest interactions.

The next generation traveler is a demanding guest, not in the context of a guest who is never satisfied, but in the context that they have grown with technology and expect hotels to adapt to technology. Learn the top four solutions that will have their tongues wagging.

Mounting airline fees, flight delays, and cancellations are among some of the biggest obstacles that travelers are facing in the current economic climate.

Ninety-three percent of consumers check-in through reception and 71% check-out at the front desk.

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