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Mohegan Sun Tracks Bar Beverages With New Solution

Mohegan Sun utilizes a RFID-based Beverage Tracker business solution form Capton as an integral part of monitoring bar operations property wide.

Capton's Beverage Tracker business solution is managing multiple venues for this large enterprise casino customer, expanding along with them as they increase their property footprint and open new outlets. The Mohegan Sun management enthusiastically implemented the Capton solution, which rapidly progressed from a modest 2007 proof of concept project to a layered enterprise version, monitoring dozens of bars with large numbers of bartenders, and accommodating configurations for different profit centers.

Capton's RFID-technology smart spouts work alongside legacy liquor guns at Mohegan Sun; maintaining absolute control and discouraging entrepreneurial bar staff behavior. Capton's next generation solutions give managers visibility into key performance indicators and other metrics never before available to them in beverage operations with immediacy and ease.

"The critical value of Capton's professional services in driving ROI cannot be overstated," says James Harris, project manager, information systems for Mohegan Sun. "I know of no one else in the same space delivering this kind of dedicated, results-oriented training and support. We were able to establish ROI in under nine months, and even better, continue sustaining it. Capton is the ultimate competitive weapon."

"We have seen our liquor costs drop 2-3 percentage points," according to Mohegan Sun's beverage manager, Joe Vita. "Plus, there has been a significant increase in bartender pouring accuracy, which we attribute in large part to the reporting reviews, scorecards and other management system tools available with Capton."

"We have gained a good before and after view of our beverage operations, with the ability now to forecast trends," says Richard Zazzaro, vice president, food & beverage for Mohegan Sun. "There are few companies who have the scalability to move from proof of concept to full enterprise for a multi-level casino operation. The economic times we live in dictate finding not only the right business solution, but also choosing the right business partner to grow with you."
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