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Additionally, guest spend for services such as room service are up.

Illegal Airbnb apartment rentals are driving rent prices for locals to unaffordable heights causing tension with tourists; hotels could draw guests back by offering them an experience similar to Airbnb.

Consumers can to interact with a hologram concierge in real-time without the need for wearables or a touchscreen device.

Acquisition will allow John Paul to deliver faster technology-powered concierge experiences to multiple industries including hospitality.

Solution allows hotel to eliminate front desk so management team can operate hotel from anywhere, at anytime.

Acme Hotel in Chicago is first to link TrustYou with “Alexa.”

The DigiMapps business technology platform combines the capabilities of an ad agency, a travel agency, Yelp, TripAdvisor,, and

Acquisition brings together two of the most innovative concierge and front desk solutions on the market.

Online booking platform simplifies booking experience for business travelers.

Software features a local vendor database, package and luggage tracking, reminders and alerts, and branded confirmation letters, maps, and itineraries for guests.

Roxy was built from the ground up for the hotel industry; offers hotels full control over the persona, services and information with which guests interact.

The wall features artworks that attract guest attention and respond to their movements, a photo booth, and a virtual concierge, where guests can explore Paris.

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