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Countdown to 2009: 10 Most Read Articles


With only a few weeks left, it is hard to believe that 2008 is finally coming to a close. After analyzing our data from the entire year, Hospitality Technology is bringing you a countdown of our top 10 most viewed features from From point of sale to PCI, catch up on the topics that your peers are reading and get a leg up on the most important hospitality issues as we move into 2009. Plus, be sure to check in the following weeks as the 2008 countdowns continue.

10. Future Proof: Hotel 1000 Takes Tech to New Levels
Seattle's Hotel 1000 opened in 2006 with one of the industry's first fully-converged IP networks, and since then has continued to exceed guest and industry standards for IT innovation. Get the inside scoop on how Hotel 1000 is leveraging its network with new applications that wow guests and offer many happy returns.

9. PMS Innovations
The latest in property management solutions are not only innovative but sure to raise the industry bar. Web capabilities, customizable systems, and SMS messaging are among the latest in PMS capabilities.

8. Green Hotels
Hotels across the nation are embracing the green movement by initiating a multitude of eco friendly IT measures, from using in-room climate controls to installing virtual desktops using thin-client computers. Learn how these earthy innovators reduce their carbon footprint and bottom line.

7. Protect Everyone Involved: Basic PCI Compliance Tips
Achieving PCI compliance may seem hard for restaurants struggling to keep up with security requirements, which are sometimes difficult to implement, maintain and monitor. Learn a few basic tips to becoming PCI compliant, a necessary step to protecting your customers and your business.

6. POS Software: The Quick Service Perspective
In this POS software peer review, HT talks to a cross section of quick-service restaurant operators, hailing from the traditional drive-up to pizza delivery and smoothie shops. Operators share their unique needs for point of sale software, and the POS technology solutions that are helping them stay competitive.

5. Wynnovation
Wyndham Hotel Group is ushering in an era of innovation that focuses on next-gen guestroom technologies, sustainability and connectivity for its guests. In this exclusive interview, HT sits down with senior level executives to discuss the company's deliberate strategy for tying IT development to revenue goals, and the 1,000 page document that paved the way.

4. POS Software Upgrades & Updates
Hospitality Technology recaps the newest POS software technology releases and upgrades for 2008. Flexibility and function top operators' POS wish lists, from mobile and conversational ordering to labor management applications.

3. Tableside Ordering and Payment Answers
Tableside ordering and payment devices are beginning to gain more and more prominence in the United States, leaving restaurant operators to ask themselves two vital questions: "What are the benefits to my organization?" and "What do I need to do to implement it?"

2. Eat, Drink and Play Games
The Los Angeles based uWink knows how to create a truly unique dining atmosphere that marries social game play with meal time. In this exclusive interview, uWink CEO Nolan Bushnell (also founder of Chuck E. Cheese and Atari Corp.) sits down with his son and uWink's CTO Brent Bushnell, and together the two spill all the family secrets behind this next-generation dining concept.

1. .Next: The New Generation of POS
Tried and true POS solutions are seeing major deployments with the goal of building systems flexible enough to exceed your wildest imagination. With that in mind, developers are turning to innovations such as Java, Open Source, and others to meet their goal.

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