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HuHot Draws ‘Least Likely’ Visitors into Restaurants with Paytronix Predictive Scoring

Scoring algorithm analyzes visit and purchase behavior to predict which guests are likely to visit with and without promotional offers.

Red Roof's New Alexa Skill Allows Travelers at Home to Connect with the Brand

Consumers can ask Alexa to answer Red Roof-specific questions and assist in making travel plans from home.

McAlister’s was able to more than double email open rates and significantly improve app engagement.

Toast customers will receive a discount on TripAdvisor ads which promote restaurants at the top of a search results page.

Mayes Oyster House engages with guests in real-time and automates services such as reservations, promotions, ticketing and real-time access to crowd population, gender ratio, specials, crowdsourced information, dress codes, and more.

Seventy percent of hotel guests report a positive experience with personalization, therefore hotels should collect and leverage data to provide a more personalized experience before, during and after stays.

Google’s Pablo Ruiz will discuss the evolution of travel at Google and why more than 170,000 hotels globally are using Google Hotel Ads (GHA) to own their relationships with travelers.

Survey data also reveals the behavior gap between travelers under and over 35 years old.

Sands Resorts leverages six strategies to centralize guest and marketing data into one customer platform to personalize communication, drive revenue, and build guest loyalty.

Hotels and restaurants have plenty of opportunities to drive more traffic to their locations using the right tools to boost their online presence, aggregate customer data, and take action.

Casino averages 55 new e-mails per day from just one of its campaigns.

Ethan Stowell Restaurants can now capture historical guest visit and spend data for all reservations to personalize service and marketing.

The next generation to make its mark on the restaurant industry requires new marketing strategies.

HT-NEXT 2018 attendees will learn how to measure the efficacy of customer initiatives and how to use technology to enhance brand intimacy.

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