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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Environmentalism/Sustainability.

Meyers Develops Single-Use Paper RFID Hotel Key Card

The AssureCard looks and feels like a plastic key card but is made from renewable paper pulp and can be disposed of after a single use.

With the publishing of the EPDs, customers have complete transparency into how the life cycle of each certified product impacts the environment and affects a building's sustainability goals.

Hotel partners with Rocean to eliminate single-use plastics in 463 rooms.

Hotel wanted to provide a unique, connected in-room experience while also conserving energy use.

Sinclair Hotel offers guests mirrors where guests can read the news, listen to music; motorized shades and drapes for energy efficiency; IoT sinks in the hotel restaurant that regulate water temperature, soap and sanitizer levels, and more.

The Sinclair Hotel now has a highly reliable, energy-efficient HVAC solution that delivers comfort and convenience for its occupants.

green hotels

With millennials, it’s hard to ignore their spending habits as they consider social responsibility and sustainability of utmost importance.

Since 2014, the hotel has completed 15 projects to save the hotel energy without compromising its historic look and feel.

CEO sets 2030 science-based targets for carbon, water and waste.

There are a variety of technology solutions that hoteliers can consider to create a comfortable guest experience and to add to the building’s historical charm. 

Power Knot LFC biodigester recognized helps restaurants implement eco-friendly practices to meet sustainability goals.

Massey will be responsible for driving and developing a complete set of sustainable standards and initiatives to instill sustainability across the company’s guest journey and operations.

The national full-service hotel management company adopts information management technology platform for back-office operations excellence.

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