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Clear View Technologies Launches The BarMaster to Reduce Liquor Shrink

Clear View Technologies, Inc. has launched The BarMaster, an alcohol beverage management, inventory control and loss prevention system that enables total tracking of every ounce of alcohol from top shelf, to stockroom to point-of-sale for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, casinos and sports venues. The BarMaster increases the value of a business and yields a return on investment many times over by immediately reducing losses due to theft, shrinkage, sales fraud, and improper free-pour behavior.

The BarMaster system was designed from the ground up to integrate and maximize the value of all hardware and software systems used by hospitality organizations. Clear View Technologies' sophisticated business logic-based technology and knowledge of integrating dissimilar systems are realized in The BarMaster system.

The BarMaster is a comprehensive, fully integrated, Web-enabled solution for multi-station establishments, and it requires no change in staff operations or impact on the customer experience. Hospitality organizations previously have had to choose from a selection of incompatible devices such as handheld barcode scanners, liquor dispensing guns, and freestanding scales. Further complicating efforts to achieve real benefit from these systems was a lack of integration with point-of-sale (POS) systems, surveillance systems, stockroom inventory methods, and top shelf products.

The BarMaster System
A set of easy-to-read reports and management tools allows the bar owner to better manage their business more profitably and includes: sales, business, inventory, employee and incident reporting as well as wireless alerts that can be accessed from any computer or wireless device; keeping operators in real-time control of their businesses. Automated inventory tracking and management reduce inventory counting time and expense, and lower the cost of inventory stocking with just-in-time ordering.

The BarMaster system includes:

  • Patented highly-durable speed rail sensory system with hidden radio-frequency identification (RFID) and weighing technology that identifies brand, bottle, location, measures changes in bottle weight as little as 1/20th of an ounce, and can be installed into any standard or custom station configuration.
  • RFID tracking technology including mini RFID labels for every bottle, a handheld RFID/barcode scanner and remote RFID sensors.
  • SaaS software that integrates pour activity, point-of-sale and event-based video monitoring data to enable detailed multidimensional reporting on each establishment, station, server and transaction. The software also comes equipped with a comprehensive drink recipe database and modular, pre-built operational and management reports.
  • Mini PC and server that connects to all devices, sensors and stations. Can also be used to remotely access reports via, with a web-based remote management dashboard and can send wireless incident alerts.
Pricing and availability
The BarMaster will be available in the second quarter of 2010. Pricing depends on size of deployment and options needed. Clear View Technologies will give individualized estimates to owners who are interested in The BarMaster.
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