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2010's Top 10 News-Makers

As 2010 draws to a close, the editors of Hospitality Technology have prepared this list of the top 10 most-read articles on our website from this year. If you missed these news-makers the first time around, be sure to check them out!
From next-gen game consoles to in-room concierges, find out which in-room technology trends were predicted to have the most impact on guest satisfaction and your bottom line in 2010.
Released at the beginning of 2010, HT’s annual POS reader survey revealed operators’ top platform innovations and purchasing plans for this year. Meanwhile, POS vendors offered trend predictions and their technology development plans. Did they come to fruition?
Since its official release in July 2009, Pizza Hut's revolutionary and award-winning iPhone/iPod touch application has created an innovation 'explosion' in the mobile communication front. Pizza Hut's Baron Concors, CIO; Kevin Fish, project manager; and Carlos Chavez, director of eCommerce technology dish on the winning strategy that launched its first-to-market, million-dollar food ordering application.
Robert Webb, CIO for Hilton Worldwide, shares how outsourcing certain elements of Hilton's IT infrastructure, while simultaneously reinvesting internally in other areas, is strengthening the company's global operations, generating substantial savings, and empowering growth across the Hilton portfolio.
What mattered most to restaurateurs when it came to point of sale features, functions and peripherals in 2010? Find out here.
Prior to its acquisition by Hilton Hotels Corp., Hilton International relied on a regional procurement strategy that had the potential to amount to $750 million in expenditures per annum. Learn how a global-focused procurement structure is helped the hotel company to get a better handle on its spending practices.
One of the best resources to learn about the benefits of a specific property management systems is to ask current users. In this informal PMS peer review, hotel operators reveal which property management system they are using and why.
Chipotle Mexican Grill's director of IT, Frank Daidone, and executive director of IT & training, Joel Chrisman, share the story behind their company's migration from outsourced to in-house tech support, along with some of the significant wins that have resulted from its internal structure.
From tableside and self-service solutions to password protection and data encryption technologies, HT rounds up the solutions that will help operators to combat hospitality hackers. Plus, learn the 15 most common ways that hackers infiltrate information technology systems.
10. Automation vs. Human Interaction: Are We Alienating Our Customers with IT?
Technology has changed many of the industry standards over the last 10 years, and today there is a growing opportunity to replace human interactions with computerized meditated exchanges. But is this trend eliminating the opportunity to provide customer service?
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