UniFocus Releases New Version of its Watson, R.M. Workforce Mgmt Tool

UniFocus, a global provider of hospitality performance, workforce management and feedback analysis solutions, announced the release of Watson, R.M. 7.5 for 2010. Watson, R.M. features multi-language support and an upgraded schedule editor interface that vastly simplifies the process of revising schedules while matching employee availability to service requirements.

The newest release of Watson, R.M. incorporates a staff portal that enables employees to check schedules, request time off and manage preferences over the web. Watson, R.M. also allows Time & Attendance users to review time clock punches, and now enables each user to work in English, Spanish or French, while providing more dynamic corporate reporting.

Many of the basic processes such as forecasting, budgeting and scheduling, that many organizations are still doing manually can now be automated with Watson, R.M., which incorporates industry-specific statistical analysis to project business volumes. Schedules are then optimized by identifying critical relationships, such as number of guests to be served at any time and the necessary staff to meet service standards. And Watson R.M. incorporates a specific Labor Budgeting module which ensures that operating standards are integrated with the budget processes, thereby ensuring complete accountability.

Watson, R.M. also provides a flexible budgeting platform with integrated forecasting that supports zero-based cost analysis; it also enables snapshots during any P&L period to assess end of period projections. With Watson, R.M.'s latest version, hospitality organizations will be better equipped than ever to meet the demands of a discerning customer while ensuring optimal cost control.

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