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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Forecasting.

Restaurant Accounting in 5 Easy Steps

Accurate, detailed restaurant accounting is one of the key factors for maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Summit Hospitality Group realized that using multiple vendors to manage its financial and accounting data was inefficient.

For many hotels, F&B comprises a significant portion of total revenue, yet F&B forecasting remains a basic and imprecise process allowing hotels to miss out on revenue opportunities.

Market context is something the industry can truly rely on to gain an understanding of the breadth of the virus’ impact.

Tech-driven hotel chain adopts cloud-based revenue strategy applications to drive profit

RevPlan is a cloud-based module that will allow hotels to build a forward-looking total revenue plan and budget, including F&B.

Hotel management company implements ProfitSage, ProfitPlan, ProfitPace and ProfitWizard to maximize business strategy efficiency and ability to achieve even greater organizational growth.

Relying on 10-year-old revenue management technology is a major detriment to productivity and bottom-line revenues, yet many hotels continue to do this.

The new app helps multi-property owners/operators make better financial decisions through capital request approval flows, long-term tracking capabilities and detailed future forecasting.

Development and management company overseeing collection of independent hotels implements ProfitSage to maximize operational and decision-making efficiency.

Aptech's PVNG accounting system gave the resort the ability to create custom reports that help its managers, executive team make better decisions.

Instead of focusing on historical results to anticipate market demand, futurecasting looks beyond the face value of a number to understand how and why a particular outcome occurred.

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