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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Forecasting.

Three Ways Restaurants Can Leverage Technology to Improve Operations

Restaurants can improve data tracking, forecasting and getting to know the guest with data integration.

Heritage Hotels & Resorts Partners with ProfitSword to Streamline Data Management and Budgeting/Forecasting Operations

New Mexico-based hotel management company found using a manual process to input the daily income journal dramatically hindered its forecasting process.

The Greenbank Hotel uses RateTiger Shopper to monitor trends in room rates, both past and current, as well as predict future rates more accurately.

Market Intel will offer hoteliers a day-by-day hotel market forecast tool.

Third-party hotel management company adopts ProfitSage platform to ensure a uniform and intuitive data management process at all levels of organization.

Platform will be used for end-to-end scheduling and forecasting across its 54 locations in California, Washington and Illinois.

Leadership & Insight Council members identify top business insights and areas of need.

Instead of focusing on historical results to anticipate market demand, futurecasting looks beyond the face value of a number to understand how and why a particular outcome occurred.

From better pricing and forecasting to planning a customer's itinerary for them, AI is making its way to the forefront of travel and hospitality.

Restaurant executives identify integration and reporting key to building effective, efficient restaurant accounting systems.

Business intelligence platform allows management company to quickly, efficiently run reports based off of complex data and specific criteria.

After 20 years of business, small business owner finds forecasting tool to be more accurate that her decades of experience.

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