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TenderCard and Giftango Partner for Virtual Gift Card Delivery

TenderCard has partnered with Giftango to offer gift cards digitally via email and to mobile phones. This partnership extends the benefits of virtual gift cards to all of TenderCard's clients.

Merchants have been selling gift cards from their websites for years. With Giftango's instantly delivering those cards to the recipient's email address or mobile phone, the process is now even more efficient and cost effective. Though relatively new, the "virtual gift card" is being selected by more than seven out of ten online shoppers when the option is available.

To redeem a virtual gift card, recipients show the gift card from their phone or present a printed version of the card that was delivered to their email. Thanks to Giftango's integration with the TenderCard platform, the merchant is able to accept the virtual gift cards at the point of sale without any changes to hardware or software.

Half of consumers who purchase a gift card, plan to use it or give it away the same week. Instant delivery gives merchants the ability to compete for last minute purchases 24/7 from their website. In addition to increased sales, merchants benefit from cost savings thanks to the elimination of plastic, postage, packaging and employee time from the gift card delivery process.

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