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Postec, Mocapay Partner to Deliver Mobile Loyalty and Gift Programs

Mocapay has announced a strategic partnership with Postec, Inc., a premier independent provider of custom point of sale solutions and award-winning support services, to mobile-enable gifting and loyalty programs for their customers. Merchants using Postec will be able to connect with their consumers in a completely new way. By using Mocapay's mobile suite, merchants are able to launch mobile payments and deliver promotional offers before, during and after encounters with guests allowing for ongoing engagement with their customer.

Postec will use Mocapay's mobile suite, mMarketing, mLoyalty, and mGift, allowing its customers to leverage the mobile channel and support existing marketing and sales strategies. Mocapay enables secure, hardware infrastructure agnostic, mobile payments regardless of tender type and transaction location. The tokenization architecture ensures every mobile payment transaction is executed simply and securely with a one-time use and perishable authorization code.
Merchants using Postec's point of sale equipment can leverage the Mocapay mobile suite to allow customers to find the nearest location, pay using their mobile phone, view transaction history and check account balance, and reload their mobile accounts while on the go. Operators will be able to send promotional messages and coupons nationally or regionally to customers or even to consumers at specific stores. Additionally, customers will be able to participate in mobile gifting, enabling people to send digital gifts from their mobile phones to friends and family. Tapping a wide range of retailers from stadiums to resorts, Mocapay's mobile suite will deliver a comprehensive mobile marketing solution for Postec's customers that can be scaled up or down and tailored for individual retailer needs.
Micros Retail Systems, Mocapay Relationship to Provide Customers Mobile-Enabled Loyalty & Gift Programs

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