Knotice Upgrades Digital Marketing Software, Expands Mobile Marketing Features

Knotice, a provider of on-demand software and services that maximize the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance, and improved performance, announces new features on its Concentri software platform that make it easier to engage Knotice for a holistic mobile marketing strategy.

Concentri users can now consume content that is not hosted in Concentri's content management system and insert it into any e-mail, Web, and mobile direct digital marketing campaign.

Concentri users can also build mobile Web site and mobile email templates easily. The mobile templates deliver an optimized view of Web content for site visitors, and email content for subscribers, because of the software platform's built-in device recognition tools. The automated device recognition capability is updated as new devices enter the marketplace. All Concentri users can now create the ideal customized mobile experience on a BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid, or any other mobile device.

Mobile analytics
Knotice also boosted mobile analytics in Concentri's reporting environment. Concentri's enhanced mobile analytics track SMS conversations between consumer and brand, or "sessions," to help marketers better understand consumer behavior. Concentri users are able to better recognize trends, making it easy to optimize campaigns based on consumer behavior.

The latest Concentri release also includes mobile device details in all reporting. Whether a direct digital marketing campaign is executed through the email, Web, or mobile channel, Concentri users gain deeper, real-time insight into their campaigns and how their target audience is engaging their content.

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