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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Website Design.

Is Your Restaurant’s Technology Optimized for the New Normal?

Relying on websites, apps, and digital communications more than ever, many brands are learning just how vital their network’s capabilities are.

How a Vacation Rental Company Used Data Analytics to Decrease Vacancies by Twice the Rate of Its Competitors During COVID-19

Twiddy & Company never stopped advertising during the pandemic and was able to make judicious decisions on when, where to advertise.

New solution empowers its customers to effortlessly expand their online revenue streams.

While other resorts have had to slash rates because tour operators are unable to provide customers, Playa Hotels & Resorts is seeing its rates down only one percent due to high direct booking rates.

Attribute-based selling would allow hotels to meet guest expectations and generate additional revenue, however, it faces on major hurdle: the fragmentation of back-end technology platforms.

Investments include the integration of third-party delivery orders and updated franchise intranet and website.

In order to securely process direct online reservations through AMC’s website, Fuel will build a multi-location booking feature for the national organization.

The BBQ brand is teaming up with Kitchen United in Chicago to debut The Burger Experience and The Wing Experience. 

The online directory helps diners find and support local restaurants by ordering directly from their websites.

Use this down time to improve the accessibility of your websites and mobile apps for individuals with disabilities.

The online information hub offers accurate, up-to-date accurate information about COVID-19.

For a restaurant, SEO can be the difference between a customer finding your restaurant or not. 

Focusing on lower-funnel tactics like remarketing and CRM are more efficient ways to spend valuable media dollars.

From performing an online health check to changing the way you think about online ads, these call to actions will help your hotel improve direct booking performance.

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