A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Hotels.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Hotels.


  • Power Users

    Not all foodservice operations are created equal. For some companies, high transaction volume, a large number of point-of-sale terminals, and complex orders necessitate a powerful POS with all the frills. HT talks to some of these power users to find out what they need to keep up and running.
  • Brick by Brick

    The add-on capabilities of property management systems are popular among lodgings of all shapes and sizes, and no wonder.
  • Central Command

    For growing hotel and restaurant companies, maintaining control over widespread broadband networks and keeping in touch with remote locations and managers ranks as one of the biggest headaches.
  • Take Me Away

    The increasing stress of the daily grind has many travelers longing for a getaway filled with relaxation and leisurely activities. However, the hassle of booking and scheduling activities at resorts can oftentimes leave guests feeling in need of another vacation.
  • Always On

    Many multi-unit restaurants are lining up for high-speed access to keep their businesses competitive and their customers happy.
  • Wired for Sound: July 2005

    Infrastructure is essential and content will be king. This is the conclusion hoteliers are reaching as they rethink their telecom strategies and look for future sources of revenue in the wake of declining profits from basic phone calls and (eventually) Internet access.
  • Managing Expectations

    Every segment of the hotel industry--from budget to luxury resort--realizes that today's guests expect more technology offerings in their hotel rooms.
  • Systemic Solutions

    Hoteliers have a frank discussion of on property technology and integration
  • 2005 Casino Report

    First annual report explores the challenges faced by casinos and the technologies that will help them overcome headaches.
  • The Franchise Friend

    Broadband connections are redefining restaurant communications
  • Impact Printers

    With the many elements it takes to operate a successful hospitality enterprise, the printer doesn't always come first to mind. But the right match of printer to application can give a bustling business just the edge it needs to boost productivity, sales and customer satisfaction.
  • VPN Virtues

    Virtual-private networks take off across hospitality

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Hotels.