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Toshiba Hack Compromises 681 to Date

Toshiba Corporation has confirmed that one of the U.S.-based servers that contained customer registration information of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (TAIS), a U.S.-based Toshiba Group company, was recently illegally hacked and that a limited amount of personal information was stolen, including a small number of e-mail addresses. On discovering the intrusion, TAIS immediately took the server offline and initiated a comprehensive investigation.
The hacked server’s database included information on 7,520 of TAIS’s customers, but did not contain such personal data as financial information or credit card and social security numbers. To date, TAIS’s investigation has confirmed data theft of e-mail addresses and passwords affecting 681 customers.
TAIS has already alerted the relevant customers of the breach and that their data may have been compromised.
Toshiba and its Group companies regard data security as a priority concern and will continue a thorough investigation of the incident. Toshiba will take all necessary precautions to avoid any recurrence of similar incidents and to ensure customer information remain secure.

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