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Steton Releases Mobile BI App for iPad and iPhone

Steton Technology Group announces the availability of Steton 360 mobileEl, an application for iPad and iPhone devices that gives decision makers on-the-go access to customizable business intelligence dashboards and reports.
Steton 360 mobileEl is an extension to Steton 360 Enterprise Edition, Steton's Web-hosted business intelligence solution. When used with Steton 360 Enterprise Edition, the application gives executives, managers and key workers information on how the organization is complying with critical quality, safety, regulatory and brand standards, delivering the information wherever decisions are made.
Steton 360 mobileEl makes it possible to view alerts and KPIs, analyze data using interactive maps and graphs, and to drill down on data with guided analysis and a new, natural user interface (NUI) designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. With the convergence of powerful mobile computing hardware, high-spend Internet access and a workforce that is no longer tied to desktop phones and PCs, companies are looking for ways to better provide employees with the tools they need to make important decisions in the field. Steton 360 mobileEl is designed to meet this need.
Steton 360 mobileEl consists of software and consulting services bundled together, so that customers can easily adapt their existing business intelligence reports to the new mobile platform, and build new need-based reports and dashboards, as well.
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