Steton Adds Waiver Mgmt to 360 Enterprise Edition

Steton Technology Group has announced a major upgrade for its Steton 360 Enterprise Edition software, which is widely used by restaurants, hospitality businesses and other industries to track quality and performance management. The new release will make it possible for companies to manage compliance waiver requests.
Organizations with strategic quality, safety, and other vital operating processes rely on Steton to measure compliance and manage performance. Occasionally, these companies encounter a situation when exceptions to standards must be considered, approved and managed. Previously, it was difficult to grant and manage exceptions - a serious concern since inconsistencies can result in damage to customer satisfaction and the organization's brand. Steton 360 Enterprise Edition now includes a robust waiver management feature, helping to eliminate problems caused by waivers that were inconsistently applied and tracked.
Steton 360 Enterprise Edition now supports online policies, tying waiver requests to a specific standard. In addition, the new release also features automating workflows, alerts and notifications, speeding approvals and tracking expirations and periodic reviews.
Another new feature is the pre-assessment report, which identifies all active waivers prior to an inspection. With this feature, inspections are more accurate and less time is spent correcting assessment scores and reports afterwards.
Steton 360 Enterprise Edition is a web-hosted, software-as-a-service solution. This update is available immediately to all Steton 360 customers, and delivered automatically as part of their subscription license.

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