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Star Micronics POS Printer Promises to Reduce Power Consumption by 40 Pervcent

Star Micronics has taken its global environmental responsibility and commitment to the next level. Following the international success of the TSP100 futurePRNT series, Star Micronics has announced the production of a new, more environmentally friendly POS printer. Developed to be both the most energy-efficient single station receipt printer available, as well as drastically reduce paper consumption, the TSP100ECO is designed to minimize the environmental impact of point of sale receipt printing.

The TSP100ECO provides users with an impressive selection of innovative features that help to reduce negative environmental effects. Chief among these features are the sophisticated power and paper management systems, which can result in up to 40% less power consumption on average than other available single station POS receipt printer.

Part of the efficient power management system is a unique sleep mode feature that powers down the receipt printer when not in use and has the ability to instantly power up. For the merchant that prints an average of three hundred 6" receipts per day, the printer is only actively used for approximately 5 minutes of print time. As a result, the automatic sleep mode uses considerably less power than a standard single station printer which demonstrates an energy-efficiency advantage over competing POS receipt printer models. The TSP100ECO also meets the power consumption requirements to be certified with Energy Star.

Scheduled for a Q2 2010 release, Star will continue to preview the features and benefits of the TSP100ECO through news releases and on display at industry tradeshows. The Star futurePRNT series has included several innovations in POS print technology, including single station USB and LAN models and the record breaking TSP100GT.

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