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SecureConnect Introduces New, Managed Anti-Virus Service

As restaurants continue to be primary targets for hackers, the value of full anti-virus protection is unmistakable. Required for compliance with the PCI DSS, managed anti-virus is also mandatory in today's Internet environment. Broadly referred to as malware, viruses that penetrate your system including spyware, adware and worms threaten an organization's ability to perform at its highest level.

According to the 2009 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon Business, malware was involved in over one-third of the cases investigated and contributed to nine out of 10 of all records breached in 2008. Startling statistics like these prove that anti-virus service is a vital component within the PCI requirements and is necessary to properly secure a business environment. The new anti-virus service from SecureConnect offers customers a managed solution that protects computer systems from viruses that can disrupt your network, delete your data or expose your business to hackers and thieves.

The managed anti-virus service alerts BHI support staff to any problems that may occur on the system in real-time including missed virus updates, removal of outdated anti-virus software, detection of viruses and more. As indicated by the Verizon Business Report, hacking may get the criminal in the door, but malware is the vehicle that captures the exposed data. The SecureConnect easyPCI packages and managed anti-virus service help to protect against these hackers by implementing proper security measures to achieve both PCI compliance and peace of mind. Comprehensive packages include a managed firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN), firewall logging and reporting, quarterly vulnerability scanning and PCI compliance assistance with SecureConnect PCI experts.

In combination with the improved anti-virus service, SecureConnect can provide complete data protection for organizations of any size.

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