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SecureConnect Eases Strain of Data Breach Fines with Protection Program

With the recent release of new packages, BHI SecureConnect has introduced its Breach Protection Program, providing an additional layer of financial security for customers. Causing concern among merchants, the fines associated with a security breach are potentially devastating and have caused many to seek financial protection for their businesses. The SecureConnect Breach Protection Program covers up to $100,000 in merchant fines, assessments and related expenses attributed to a qualified PCI data breach.

Available as a standard feature in the Select, Premier and Elite packages, the Breach Protection Program is one of many new additions to help merchants address the PCI Data Security Standards and ensure a secure business environment. This added protection helps create an end-to-end solution that benefits customers, acquiring bank partners and integration vendors.

The new packages are flexible and scalable to meet the needs of a single store owner as well as national corporate brands, enabling businesses of any size to implement a comprehensive network security and PCI compliance initiative.

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