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Micros Launches Payment Gateway Globally, Integrates with Planet Payment

Micros Systems has globally launched the Micros Payment Gateway (MPG) along with an agreement with Planet Payment, Inc., a multi-currency payment processor, to offer integrated payment solutions to the hospitality and retail markets.
The Micros Payment Gateway is a payment gateway solution designed to specifically facilitate integrated payment support for the Micros suite of enterprise hospitality products, including Opera, Micros 3700, Micros 9700 and Simphony. As part of the agreement, the Micros Payment Gateway will integrate within Planet Payment's data center and processing platform, with Micros providing merchants with direct customer service and support. As a result of this arrangement, any acquirer or processing customer utilizing Planet Payment's global platform now has access to the integrated Micros solution.
The Micros Payment Gateway is fully compliant with all applicable Card Association requirements, including the PCI-DSS and PA-DSS standards. MPG also features end-to-end encryption and transaction tokenization, easing the PCI burden for the hospitality industry. MPG will support Planet Payment's "Pay in Your Currency" solution, also referred to in the industry as Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). With PYC, Micros customers can provide an enhanced level of customer service by offering international guests the choice to pay in their home currency. The solution is specifically tailored to meet the local processing needs of acquirers and their merchants, including the various flavors of EMV and local debit products such as lnterac, the most popular debit card in Canada.

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