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Calling All POS Junkies

We at Hospitality Technology have noticed something about what really peaks your IT interest. You devour news and information related to the point of sale, be it hardware, software, the implementations of your peers, or anything with POS in the headline, at an alarming rate. In fact, POS is the single most searched term on and it generates notable spikes in web traffic every time we run POS-specific articles on our home page.

There's no doubt that the point of sale is a core IT solution in every hospitality environment. It links to nearly every other front-of-house or back-of-house system and can have a profound impact on speed of service, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

In that vein, here are a few key findings related to point of sale systems from our 2008 Restaurant Industry Technology Study. When it comes to the most important features of a POS solution, accounting and financial systems top the list, with 89% of restaurants identifying these as most important (up from 78% in 2007). The second most important systems include those that help operators manage labor, at 83%; this comes as little of a surprise as the industry continues to face challenges associated with attracting and retaining a skilled workforce. Business intelligence rounds out the top three at 71%. The full study can be downloaded at no cost online at

If you're in the market for a new point of sale solution, be sure to check out this month's feature article, "POS Software Upgrades and Updates." It covers the latest releases from POS software vendors, many of whom are now offering such features as conversational ordering, customizable screens and, yes, even enhanced labor management functionality.

For the most pressing POS news, sign up for POS Zone, our new monthly e-newsletter delivering POS industry news, case studies and feature stories directly to your desk top. We'll continue to look for more ways to provide you with cutting-edge point of sale news and information, so go ahead and be a POS junkie. We've got your back.

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