YESpay Qualified as EMV Chip & PIN Certified Card Payment Service in Canada

YESpay International Ltd, a global payments services company, has completed the EMV certification of its EMBOSS card payment service with Chase Paymentech, qualifying it as a fully hosted EMV Chip and PIN payment service in Canada with Chase Paymentech.

The formal certification conducted by Chase Paymentech included end-to-end EMV Chip and PIN testing with Interac, MasterCard and Visa using the Verifone Vx810 pinpad. This enables YESpay to provide its secure credit and debit card payment acceptance services for retail, MOTO (mail order telephone order) and e-commerce to main street and web merchants in Canada.

EMBOSS already has a proven track record as a generically certified IP-based payment processing service used by major retailers in Europe for the past 5 years and has been fully end-to-end certified to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Level 1 as mandated by the payment brands since 2006.

Through EMBOSS, merchants can fast track the implementation of integrated EMV card payments acceptance solutions for their electronic cash register, kiosks and hospitality payment systems. It can also enhance their websites for on-line payments with minimal capital investment and low on-going services costs. EMBOSS reduces business and technical issues of outsourcing payment services and helps merchants avoid lengthy timescales and high costs of EMV certification and PCI compliance of their retail environments. Fully scalable, EMBOSS can address the needs the single location merchant as well as larger chains.

YESpay's EMBOSS managed credit / debit card payment service provides an innovative and low cost solution that helps merchants integrate online card payments with their existing retail infrastructures while providing a simplified migration path to EMV compliance for credit and debit in Canada.

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