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Vendor Safe Introduces New PCI Compliance Reporting Suite

Vendor Safe Technologies, a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council participating organization, introduces its PCI Compliance Reporting Suite, a comprehensive, online solution that simplifies compliance reporting for independent sales organizations (ISO), acquiring banks and merchants, while creating an ongoing record of compliance-related activities.

The PCI Compliance Reporting Suite complements Vendor Safe's PCI Managed Security Suite, a complete, low-cost PCI compliance solution for merchants that employ best practices-driven management of network security, data access, and policies and procedures.  PCI Managed Security Suitehas distinguished itself in the market with its 30 day implementation, a surprisingly affordable, fixed monthly fee, and a level of security that goes beyond the PCI standard.

Traditionally, merchants must answer up to 220 questions in the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Self Assessment Questionnaire, a painstaking and complicated process.  Utilizing Vendor Safe's PCI Compliance Reporting Suite in tandem with Vendor Safe's PCI Managed Security Suite, the number of questions can be reduced to approximately 75. The key components of Vendor Safe's new PCI Compliance Reporting Suite include:

  • SAQuick Questionnaire, an automated, online questionnaire with associated video tutorial that lets merchants easily complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Attestation of Compliance required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
  • Vulnerability Scans, Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) Program compliant scanning that proactively identifies weaknesses with all-inclusive assessment. Internal and external scanning available.
  • Reporting Dashboard for Acquiring Banks, a point-and-click report writer that features reporting by individual compliance requirements, as well as management by exception (i.e. merchants that have not had a quarterly scan in over ninety days).
  • TrustVault Certificate, covers up to $50,000 in direct breach related expenses, including fines and assessments.

The PCI Compliance Reporting Suite works in conjunction with the PCI Managed Security Suite to create a one-stop-shop for secure protection beyond the PCI standard, compliance and reporting. Vendor Safe Technologies enables PCI compliance in 30 days for Level 4 SAQ A, B, C, and D merchants.  Level C and D merchants utilize components of the managed security suite including Global Security Mesh/VPN, Wi-Fi HotSpot Plus and TrustVault Certificate.

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