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Ryzek Contest Searches for Oldest Working Barcode Device

Ryzex, a leading mobile technology services company, today launched a contest to identify the world's oldest working barcode data collection device. "The Big Upgrade" competition provides a chance to turn old, outdated data capture equipment into new technology, with the winner receiving a new handheld computer from Psion Teklogix to replace their old legacy device. In order to be considered for the contest, participants need to provide contact and device information, including a photo of their legacy equipment in action (additional details are available at
By using a lifecycle management approach like Ryzex's, companies conserve devices to provide a maximum lifetime return on investment, lowest total cost of ownership and lower environmental footprint for mission critical mobile technologies. For 20 years, Ryzex has been adding life to data collection systems with repair services, parts replacement, integration services, new and refurbished devices, and more. By keeping devices in use and out of landfills and through responsible recycling, Ryzex also lowers the environmental impact of equipment.
While conservation is important, lifecycle management also dictates that obsolete equipment be identified and replaced when it becomes appropriate to take advantage of the latest industry advances. To that end, the contest winner will receive their choice of a brand new Psion Teklogix Ikon, NEO or Workabout PRO handheld mobile computer, which deliver performance and durability in a pocketsize package. The Psion Teklogix devices meet the demands of light industrial, retail, or supply chain logistics operations and are valued at up to $3,200.00.
The contest deadline for submission is September 22, 2009.
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