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Premier Mounts Offers Modular Flat-Panel Video Wall Framing System

Designed to simplify the intricate placement of multiple flat-panel mounts, Premier Mounts' Videowall Modular Flat-Panel Framing System helps retail and hospitality settings, and other venues, achieve a seamless digital canvas solution.

Premier Mounts' Videowall Modular Flat-Panel Framing System features multiple configuration options, from multi-monitor stacking and the ability to extend the flat-panel 16 inches from the wall.

Originally designed by Premier Custom, a Premier Mounts division for clubs in Las Vegas, the framing system has been adapted and installed in several luxury club and casino settings around the world.

Utilizing a multi-monitor stacking system consisting of rapid leveling frames that hook together for quicker integration, Premier Mounts' modular system allows multiple flat-panels to be mounted above, below or to the side of one another. Boasting a low profile, the video wall sits just .5 inches off the wall.

In addition to the precision engineered multi-monitor stacking system, Premier Mounts' Videowall Modular Flat-Panel Framing System features:

  • Extension: Extending swivel mounts allows for faster installation, cable management and servicing.
  • Open design: Simple cable and power management thanks to large openings in the wall frames
  • Custom mounting: Custom mounting patterns designed to match each specific flat-panel

Integrators are encouraged to contact Premier Mounts to discuss the specific needs for upcoming video wall projects. The Videowall Modular Flat-Panel Framing System is priced and assembled according to each clients needs.

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