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Merchant Warehouse Offers Encrypted PIN-Debit in MerchantWARE 3.1

Merchant Warehouse, a provider of merchant accounts and credit card processing solutions, announces the release of MerchantWARE 3.1, an upgrade that offers enhanced security and improved efficiency for all forms of credit and debit card payments. Secure encrypted PIN-debit provides the highest level of security, enabling partners to offer one device to their merchants who accept credit card, signature-debit and PIN-debit transactions. This secure PIN-debit solution is supported on MagTek, Ingenico, Hypercom and other all-in-one card readers.

Today's business environment demands that cardholder data and financial security remains a primary focus. With MerchantWARE 3.1, merchants now have secure PIN-debit options at the register with a wide-range of single-payment device choices for all their secure credit and debit card processing needs. Data security and processing simplicity is now a reality.

MerchantWARE 3.1 also offers immediate merchant notification at the moment of swipe with the MagnePrint auto-decline option if the card has been used fraudulently. This allows merchants to protect themselves and their customers from unwanted charge-backs and other fraud-related expenses.

Additional upgrades to the MerchantWARE solution includes integration with contactless devices for more convenient, secure payment options for both partners and merchants; transaction ID capability that allows the POS to inject its own identifier to perform a reversal/void in the event a transaction is timed out; and card expiration update so a merchant no longer has to re-enter card data into a system manually -- once the new four-digit CSV is entered the card is immediately updated.

MerchantWARE 3.1 is PA-DSS certified and enables partners to enhance their POS systems and achieve PA-DSS compliance while offering merchants the simplest path to achieving and maintaining PCI compliance.

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