LG Electronics Canada Offers Customized Digital Signage Solutions with Debut of LG Concierge Advantage

LG Electronics, a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, recently introduced a bold new offering within its Commercial division, the LG Concierge Advantage program.

The LG Concierge Advantage was unveiled on Monday in Vancouver, British Columbia, to coincide with the opening of the BC Hospitality Exposition trade show.

The LG Concierge Advantage features customized digital signage solutions at its core, supported by a range of program privileges including hardware, service and tech support, financing options and even marketing/sales support. With an infinite range of possible digital solutions, the LG Concierge Advantage truly offers Canadian industry the Power to Connect.

LG is already a leader in the Canadian digital signage industry, with over 30% market share in digital signage and over 50% market share in lodging (Q1-Q3 2009). And the brand is continually evolving with several new display models making their Canadian debut as part of the LG Concierge Advantage.

One of the key lines that will debut is LG's new Pro:Centric LG700H series of displays, providing a robust communications interface that acts as a digital concierge and direct link to various activities and services for hotel owners. LG will also be introducing Pro:Idiom integrated models that will provide instant access to cable TV, satellite TV or video-on-demand services. Both the Pro:Centric and Pro:Idiom series features EcoSmart environmentally friendly features to maximize performance and minimize power consumption, and paired with complete service and support from LG's Authorized Service team, the LG Concierge Advantage program will allow LG to further expand its prowess in the Canadian market, by targeting sectors as diverse as hospitality, health care, retail, banking and government.

The Concierge Advantage will offer unparalleled service and flexibility for Canadian businesses, featuring rapid response on-site servicing, turn-key leasing from GE Capital Vendor Financing Group, certified sales training and a host of other options.

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