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Hypercom's HyperSafe Secure Meets SPVA Requirement Guidelines for End-to-End Payment Data Protection

Hypercom Corporation's HyperSafe Secure suite of payment data encryption technology now meets the new security requirement guidelines issued by the Secure POS Vendor Alliance (SPVA). Hypercom's HyperSafe Secure suite is available globally.
Hypercom introduced its end-to-end encryption technology, HyperSafe Secure EFTSec Server, in 2006. EFTSec is used by major banks, is licensed to and implemented by several major terminal manufacturers, and is the defacto industry standard for payment terminal initiated link encryption in Asia. The EFTSec leverages a bank's or retailer's existing network infrastructure.
In October 2009, Hypercom announced five key initiatives to boost the payment card industry's ability to thwart payment card data fraud. Last month, the company expanded that effort, teaming with First Data Corporation to further combat card data fraud.
The just-announced SPVA end-to-end security requirement guidelines are designed to promote information security best practices and provide merchants with a clear understanding of what encryption features should provide to reduce information security risks related to payment account data; and, as a subsequent benefit, reduce a bank's or retailer's burden of compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. The SPVA's objective is to create an industry encryption framework for payment account data to adequately secure card payment account data before it enters the application environment.
Hypercom's HyperSafe Secure suite delivers a broad range of protection options to protect businesses and simplify implementation, and includes solutions from Voltage Security, Inc., MagTek, Inc. and First Data Corporation.
Hypercom's HyperSafe Secure suite incorporates Hypercom's full X509 PKI (public key infrastructure) HyperSafe security layer embedded in every Hypercom Optimum card payment terminal to protect the terminal and applications from hacking and malware attacks.
Protecting the operational procedures and maintenance of payment terminals is just as important as protecting cardholder data. Hypercom's HyperSafe suite of security products defends terminals from rogue applications and malware, protects the terminal management system from communicating with fraudulent terminals and provides the industry's only remote key management system. The key benefit for banks, processors and large retailers: protects their investment in the point of sale estate, reduces the potential for fraudulent use of terminals and ensures the secure transport of cryptographic keys.

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