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Hypercom, Heartland Payments Expand Upon Payment Processing and Data Encryption Options

Hypercom Corporation and Heartland Payment Systems, one of the nation's largest payments processors, announced a strategic relationship to deliver integrated, high-security payment systems to retailers nationwide and implement Heartland's end-to-end encryption E3 solution.
Heartland is licensing Hypercom's SmartPayments Server Software products as key components of its host electronic transaction processing platform. Branded as Heartland Connect Gateway, this software will enable Hypercom point of sale systems to integrate E3 technology which is designed to protect card data from the moment of swipe through transmission to the card brands. The gateway will also allow Hypercom terminals and others to support E3.
SmartPayments will facilitate Heartland's ability to offer E3 to several key markets by providing an infrastructure and total solution that supports restaurant, hotel and retail, mobile commerce, IP terminals, an e-commerce virtual terminal solution for card-not-present and card-present transactions including debit. SmartPayments provides the ability to support integrated plug-ins for Microsoft's Retail Management System (RMS) and Intuit's QuickBooks accounting packages.
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