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Facial Recognition Technology as a Buddy Punching Deterrent?

Lathem announces the launch of the Model FR700, the first terminal in its new line of FaceIN Face Recognition Systems for time and attendance, and access control. The FR700 wall-mounted terminal uses 3D-imaging technology to identify employees, enhance security and eliminate buddy punching (when employees clock in and out for each other), a costly expense for many employers. Key features include:

  • Uses foolproof face recognition technology to instantly identify employees
  • Provides a hygienic touch-free alternative to hand and fingerprint readers
  • Eliminates buddy punching and the need for cards and badges
  • Uses a standard Ethernet connection to an existing computer network
  • Supports 100 employees but can be easily expanded up to 500 per device
  • Built in relay control for secure door access, operating as a controller for door lock systems

Includes powerful desktop software for editing, running reports and exporting data to the most popular payroll software, including QuickBooks

With FaceIN, employees simply look at the device and within seconds, they are identified, clocked in/out or admitted into secure locations.

The FaceIN system includes powerful desktop time and attendance software to automate payroll calculations, reducing clerical and data entry errors, which saves time and money. It allows for editing and running reports and exporting to popular payroll software programs such as QuickBooks, ADP and Paychex. FaceIN uses a standard Ethernet connection to an existing computer network, providing support for 100 employees, but can be easily expanded to 500 employees per device. The unit can also be used as a stand-alone verification and control system for individual door or facility-wide access control.

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