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Excel4apps Introduces Reports Wand for Fast and Flexible Reporting of Oracle EBS Data

Excel4apps, a provider of best-in-class Excel based reporting and budget loading software for Oracle and SAP, has announced release of the new Reports Wand add-on for its popular GL Wand reporting tool. Reports Wand expands GL Wand's flexibility for creating highly customized and complex reports within Excel from live, refreshable Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) data. An organization's IT support staff simply defines reports in SQL with its tool of choice and turns them over to users for additional customization in Reports Wand, without the need for ongoing IT support.

With Reports Wand, users access Oracle reports previously defined to their exact requirements by IT support programmers. They can then use Excel formatting, pivot tables, charts and user-defined functions to create variants of these reports that are multi-tiered and drillable to data levels set by IT, while leveraging the existing Oracle value sets and security. To do so, users simply modify parameters, filters or options on a Reports Wand Criteria Sheet.

For IT departments, Reports Wand helps create an environment of partnership that allows end users to function almost independently of their support. Reports Wand also preserves data security based on the user's Oracle responsibility level and supports the appropriate row level Oracle security level.

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