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ATM Wireless Gateway Promises to Lower Cost; Increase Reliability for Operators

After several years of marketing and supporting wireless ATM communications, ATM wholesaler,, announced it has created a new business entity, OptConnect, which focuses exclusively on the growing wireless needs of ATM operators and has a line of wireless gateway products.

The company's flagship product, OptConnect OC-500, introduced by, has proven to be a low cost and very reliable wireless gateway. It utilizes 3G technology and also has embedded security software to encrypt data communications.

Several ATM operators have converted their ATM portfolios to wireless and are experiencing substantial telecom cost savings. One recently converted 200 ATMs from landlines to wireless and saves more than $3,000 per month—$40,000 per year.

Benefits to ATM operators include:

  • Reliability: The OC-500 wireless gateway is as reliable or more reliable than landlines. In addition, OptConnect offers a lifetime warranty with advance overnight replacement in the rare event of equipment failure.
  • Money Savings: Unlike telephone carriers that charge upfront fees for landline connectivity and charge high monthly fees, the monthly OptConnect wireless data communications subscription is as much as half of the cost—with no upfront or installation costs.
  • Easy Deployment: The OC-500 wireless gateway provides ATM installation on the fly. The ATM can be placed in any location and can be up and running at the same time. There are no delays in waiting for a landline to be installed by a carrier or an electrician to install wiring.
  • Mobility: The OC-500 provides fast and flexible relocation of current ATMs and allows for ATMs to be placed just about anywhere.
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